When it comes to a honeymoon, most couples like to splurge on a luxurious setting that is conducive to romance and will provide the best possible vacation memories. However, with so many locations around the world to choose from, how does a couple settle on just one destination to spend their honeymoon? If you’ve been spending months evaluating the options but haven’t got any closer to a decision, or if you are just starting to consider holiday spots and would love some inspiration, you might want to look to celebrities for ideas. From Prince William and his Duchess to music royalty like Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, celebrities definitely know how to honeymoon in style. If you’d like to join famous couples and jet off to someplace spectacular for your romantic vacation, read on for five destinations popular with celebs.

A2 HAHawaii

If you’re keen to book a holiday to Hawaii for your honeymoon then you’ll be following in the glamorous footsteps of famous couples such as acting duo Megan Fox and husband Brian Austin Green, or actress Molly Sims and her husband Scott Stuber. Hawaii has long been the scene for romance and provides the luxury of many five-star hotels; some of the best beaches in the world; romantic massages (the traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi technique is recommended); and scenic vistas from every island. Couples heading to Hawaii for their honeymoon can also enjoy watching the sunset from an intimate restaurant; explore the undersea world on a snorkelling or diving trip; hike through rainforest settings; or recreate the famous water scene from the movie “From Here to Eternity” at the Halona Cove Blowhole.

A3 HA Italy

Long regarded as one of the most romantic countries on the planet, Italy has played host to a variety of celeb honeymooners such as Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and his bride, Priscilla Chan; and actor couples Emily Blunt and John Krasinski and Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. If you’re longing for a taste of the sweet life in Italy then consider jetting off to Rome like Zuckerberg. While in the ancient city, couples can take a Roman art tour, marvel at ancient ruins such as the Coliseum and works by Caravaggio and Bernini, zip around the region on a Vespa or in a Ferrari or take a cooking class with a local chef. Of course, there is always the romantic “must-see” spot that has been drawing couples for hundreds of years — the Trevi Fountain.

A4The Seychelles

If you’re looking for a honeymoon destination that’s been chosen by the “who’s who” of celebs, it doesn’t get more A-list than the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (aka Prince William and Kate Middleton). The couple spent ten days honeymooning in The Seychelles, a luxurious chain of islands in the Indian Ocean, after their royal wedding in 2011. The famous pair chose the idyllic location for their super-secret honeymoon holiday, as did other celeb duos Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, and Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills. Sadly the romantic destination didn’t stop some of those couples from later divorcing, but you just know that they must have had a great honeymoon  —  after all, if it’s fit for royalty, you know it’s providing some serious honeymoon highlights! The Seychelles is the perfect location to enjoy romantic walks on the beach, relaxing couple’s massages and snorkelling in pristine, crystal-clear waters.

A5 HATurks and Caicos

While there are many private and pristine islands to choose from in the Caribbean Sea, the Turks and Caicos have been at the top of the list for many celebrities over the past years.  Actor couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner not only honeymooned but also tied the knot in the region, while Oscar-winner Natalie Portman retreated to the island getaway for a honeymoon with her choreographer husband Benjamin Millepied. Other celebs such as Jerry Seinfeld, Eva Longoria and Ashlee Simpson have also enjoyed romantic honeymoons at Turks and Caicos. If you choose to holiday in this Caribbean locale that oozes romance, you’ll have a pick of ultra-luxurious resorts, sandy beaches, crystalline waters and various outdoor activities such as sailing, kayaking and golf.

 New York

It seems fitting that famous musical couple Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale chose to rock out their honeymoon in the city that never sleeps, New York City. The bustling metropolis is full of fun activities for couples to enjoy together, such as strolling through Central Park, checking out the art at MoMA (the Museum of Modern Art) or the iconic Statue of Liberty and being awe-struck by Times Square.