If you are looking for a change, there is no time like the present. Everyone has that something special inside of them that make him or her unique. Figure out what that is and do it… a lot.  Play toward your strengths, which also means be yourself! Take a look at these ways to feel beautiful!

If you think you have to spend a lot of money to make whatever that special thing is pop, you are wrong. You can upgrade your look without spending much money at all. Here are three ways to do that very thing:

Try a Color and a Cut

And by this, I mean go to a salon and have a professional fix your do. I just got a totally new look at the White Salon. Many of the hair dyes available off the shelf don’ give you the color they show on the box. Indeed, many of the permanent colors turn into more of a rinse and your color wash out after only a couple of weeks. If you have some gray, you have to be especially careful about what products you put in your hair. So, treat yourself. Go to a salon that offers hair coloring services. There are many chain establishments that will color and cut your hair for a lower price than what you will find at a stand-alone shop. Indulge in the new beginning that change brings. Pick a hairstyle that compliments your face. Maybe a short haircut will give you the fresh look you are after. Perhaps full coverage coloring, highlights, or ombre will brighten your face and bring out your eyes.

Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Our wardrobe changes as we get older. When we were younger we had lots of variety in our closet – the little black dress for special events, casual dresses, shorts, t-shirts, sweaters, suits for work. Once you get older and have a family, that little black dress stops getting taken out of the closet as much and is replaced by sweat pants, jeans, oversized shirts, and different, less trendy work clothes. We have to come to terms with the fact that sweats don’t really do anything for us. They are comfortable, but that’s about it. If you are trying to upgrade your look, think about finding the perfect pair of jeans and a flattering sweater that isn’t so billowy that it is formless. Add some costume jewelry to accent the outfit. The end result will be a casual yet chic outfit that makes you looks great. With the plethora of discount clothing stores cropping up that sell name brand clothes; you are bound to find something that work well with your new look.

Stay Fit

The best way to change your look is to get fit. Working out and resting properly will change your face and physique, giving you a more youthful, bright look. Exercising will promote you to eat better and that will help you maintain you newfound youth. There are many exercises to try, such as Pilates, yoga, HIIT, and kickboxing. There is literally something for everyone. Nowadays gyms are offering low membership fees. Take advantage of this trend while it lasts.

Changing your look is an invigorating experience. It gives you the chance to reinvent yourself; it allows you to be the true you that exists now. With just a little bit of change you will look and feel like a new woman and everyone around you will take notice.