09d27c457212e5367b41fcb5b06fe4ddYou’re having a baby. This is the most important thing you will do in your life. It is also a time when considerable change occurs all at once. You feel different. You look different. You eat different foods, wear different clothing, take care of yourself in a way that you hadn’t before. You are preparing for the arrival of you little one with your mind, body, and soul. In the midst of all this preparation for baby it is easy to lose track of yourself. It’s not deliberate. All the shopping, color matching, shopping, doctor’s appointments, baby showers, shopping, and more shopping take over. Many are now taking babymoons, but that may not be feasible for all. Think outside of the box; how about a Babymoon Staycation?! But now that we have your attention, here are six ways to treat yourself before your bundle of joys makes their appearance:

Get a Pregnancy Massage
Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a relaxing massage. Carrying a child changes the alignment of your body. As your muscles and joints loosen to make baby comfortable, you may start to feel fatigue, pressure, and stress in places you hadn’t before. Getting a pregnancy massage is the perfect way to treat yourself. Your body will feel rejuvenated as the masseuse eases your muscles. Your mind, normally running a mile a minute as it goes over baby names, room designs, and normal mommy-to-be jitters, will calm with the sound of the music. If you close your eyes and take a much needed nap, not to worry. You wont be the first mom to have done so!

fec3f8a9Pedicure Anyone?
One of the things that many pregnancy moms experience is a change in the way they look. Towards the end of the pregnancy especially, women tend to feel bloated and heavy. What better time to perk your spirits and get a pedicure? Pretty toes always do the trick. Submersing your feet in the warm water will make them feel divine and all those concerns about being bloated will float away.

Fashionable Compression Tights
Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to put being a fashionista on hold. A pair of compression tights help you improve your circulation while still looking cute in that mommy outfit. New styles in paisley, leopard print, and a host of funky colors will look great beneath an oversized sweater or t-shirt.

Go to a Concert
There will come a time when just picking up and going to a concert won’t be in the cards, so you might as well enjoy it while you can. Get together with a bunch of friends and enjoy some music. Enjoy the atmosphere and feel your baby enjoy the vibrations. The sensation of dancing with your child is breathtaking.

68a72afeGet Your Hair Done
This simple pleasure will seem like an exotic luxury in a few short months. Enjoy it while you still can. Make an appointment at the salon and get your hair done. The warm water coursing through your hair, the shampooing, conditioning and overall handling will make you feel rested and calm. It is a memory you will call upon several times during those first few weeks when baby is home.

Sweets to the Sweet
Chocolate is one of the most revered candies of all time. As long as the doctor is ok with it, have a little bit of chocolate while to totter around.

Being pregnant is one of the most incredible sensations ever felt. Celebrating yourself while with child will bring you an appreciation for the transition you are making more than any other act will. Get ready for the next chapter of your life.