tapas-madrid-03Spain happens to be one of the most historical countries in the world and there is much to see, experience and explore here. With all of the interesting things in Spain, you would surely need to stay a day or two in one of its cities and seeking accommodations through Friendly Rentals is definitely a great idea. You have a wide array of options when it comes to where to stay in Spain. Barcelona has its charms although Madrid and Seville do not pale where appeal is concerned. Irrespective of the Spanish city where you decide to spend your stay in this beautiful country, here are some suggestions on how to make the most of your vacation especially when you do not mind stuffing yourself to the brim.

c1e_z-spain-tapas-2Since the country is well known for its tapas, one great way to explore the city while getting a taste of what each city has to offer, it would be great to go on a tapa tour.

Tapas Tours Barcelona: The Spanish city of Barcelona has so much to offer especially where food is concerned as there are a lot of great places to enjoy food. You get to experience Catalan’s food culture and you get to go in places which are not popular on tourist maps. There is much to try in the bars in Barcelona as the city is well known for its delicious tapa plus you will also have the chance to partake not just on tapas but also on chocolates, cheese and various kinds of drinks. The tour is also set on the older parts of the city so it is a great way to rediscover the past and see some of the awesome structures in the city. Plus, you get to ask the tour guides for recommendations as to the best places to check out.

Insiders_Madrid_Tapas_TourMadrid Food Tours: There is so much that you can do in the enchanting city of Madrid but out of all those things, a tapa tour should be part of your itinerary and doing so will not be a trouble at all. This is also a city of history and culture and through these guided tours; you will get to know the best tapa bars that even Madrilians love. Even with a fully booked schedule, you will surely be able to find even a bit of time for this tour which will bring you to Old Madrid and allow you to have a better understanding and appreciation of the city. Plus, you get to enjoy the local wine and hang out in places which are difficult to come by on your own.

Seville Tapa Tours: Aside from Madrid, this is also one part of Spain where tapas are really popular. One problem that you will encounter when you are looking for the best places to eat tapa is having too many choices and going on a tapa tour would be the perfect way to avoid tourist traps. Amidst the patios, alleys and streets, you will find the best tapa bars in the most unexpected places. Tours are made in small groups so you will have the time to enjoy your company and relish the experience. Indeed, a tapa tour would be a great way to see Seville and appreciate the Spanish tapa.

Tapa is one of the cuisines that made Spain popular and finding cool places to dine on this dish is a must when you are in the country. With this overview on what to expect on a tapa tour, you will definitely make up your mind and see if this kind of tour is for you.