The first time you go to Los Angeles, one of the things that strikes you is just how fit and beautiful so many people look. Of course, some of that may be down to plastic surgery, but you do get the feeling that people try to take care of themselves. They hit the gym regularly, get up early in the morning and try to eat healthy food. They are also always looking to find ways to feel great – for example, when it comes to anti aging products Los Angeles is one of the biggest markets within spas in Los Angeles.

Another reason that people in Los Angeles look so beautiful and relaxed may be because it has so many wonderful spas of Los Angeles. These range from the ultramodern to the historical, and the best ones offer some of the most luxurious spa experiences you have ever had. Let’s take a look at a few favorites.

One of Los Angeles’ most famous spas is the Glen Ivy Spa. Believe it or not, this spa has been around for more than 150 years. The spa is located near natural sulfur hot springs, and opened up in the 1860s as a simple adobe building that offered access to the mineral waters for a minimal fee – in fact, when it started to become a resort in the 1890s, you could still swim in the mineral waters for just 25 cents. Fast forward to today, and the spa is anything but an adobe hut. It’s a total lifestyle experience, offering no less than 11 mineral water pools, along with several spa centers, shopping, beautiful gardens and restaurants. The spa offers a wide range of services, including 12 different types of massages, 5 different types of facials, nail care, and body wraps.

For the ultimate in luxury, head to the Beverly Hills Spa by La Prairie, located on the famous Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills. This gorgeous spa has no less than 40 luxurious services available to help you rejuvenate, chill out and give your skin that wonderful glow that you only get from the very best. These services include the signature Platinum Rare Facial, and even a caviar body massage. The spa has private cabanas where you can be looked after by staff, as well as six private rooms, two of which can accommodate couples. And to top it off, the spa is actually part of the Beverly Hills Hotel, one of the best places in Los Angeles to see the beautiful and famous.

For something different, take a trip to the Le Petite Day Spa, located on North Larchmont Boulevard. This spa is an oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, and has a French-Asian ambience designed by Feng Shui master Roy Shabla. The facility offers outdoor facials, as well as massage bungalows and cabanas for individuals or couples. The signature service is a Jade-Stone Massage, where cool and warm stones are massaged into your body, creating a true and profound sense of relaxation.