For the past few months I have been using Nerium AD off and on, but guess what – I found myself reaching for it more often than other products that are scattered across my bathroom sink area. With both day and night formulas I guess it did have twice as many chances to reach the Nerium AD way, but there were good reasons.

image004The day day cream gave be a great base to start the day out and was perfect under make-up. Another reason I reached the Nerium AD way more days than not was the fact that it is known as being the world’s most powerful wrinkle fighter and I just had to find out for myself. Nerium AD has been proven to reduce wrinkles by as much as 30% in 30 days! Now that is results. If anything says it works any faster than that it is probably a lie or is only temporary.

Another reason for me to reach the Nerium AD way is due to the dry heat in these chilly winter months. This cream has a higher concentration of NAE-8 to ensure your skin gets the hydration it really needs this season. The night cream gave me extra moisture protection, but do note that it did not work well for the day unless you are going makeup free (which is always a good idea though).

Nerium tells us they are made from all natural products and it is safe. It was not all an accident. There was a lot of lab time put in to make sure the product was the best it could be to help prevent wrinkles. Nerium has been proven to actually work by studies. It has been clinically proven to fight wrinkles, skin discoloration, pore enlargement, loose skin and more concerns. Nerium is real science and real results!