Relaxation Wellness Pod 1.4a

The suite recently became the country’s first to feature a multi-sensory personal sauna pod, a futuristic-looking device that resembles something from a sci-fi movie. The pod is located in the bedroom of the two-room suite and offers guests an array of relaxation and wellness options.

The beauty of converting the room to a Relaxation Wellness Suite is that it allows guests to enjoy spa-like treatments in the privacy of their room and on their time schedule.

“We’ve actually had guests book a stay here just to try it out. People love something different,” says spa director Terra Orndorff. “The feedback has been fantastic. I expected it to go well, but I never expected it to go this well.”

Following check-in, guests are escorted to the suite by a spa concierge. The concierge goes over details for using the spa pod, as well as a compatible jade stone fusion heating pad with adjustable infra-red heat. Guests also receive a list of special in-room treatments available.

At that point, all the guest has to do is recline in the spa pod egg-shaped chamber, push a few buttons, and enjoy the dry-heat sauna while cool air blows across their face just outside the pod.

The pod features colorful ambient mood lighting, whole-body massage vibration, a back heating pad, aromatherapy, MP3 player connection, and 12 preset programs. Programs
include: relaxation, rejuvenate, cleansing, trim drown, fitness and jet lag/sleep.

“I love the aromatherapy. That makes it feel much different than an ordinary sauna,” Orndorff says. “You choose an aroma from all-natural oils, which really takes it to the spa level.”

The idea for the pod was hatched by Peter Papadopulos, Embassy’s regional director for sales, and Steve Daffer, owner of Sybaritic Inc., which has manufactured the pods
for salons and spas worldwide since 1990.

The concept of converting a standard hotel unit into a wellness suite has been done on the island of Malta, according to Daffer, but this is the first time in the United States.

“This could be something really big in the industry. It takes a normal hotel room and makes it into a wellness relaxation suite without any changes to the room’s structure,” Daffer says. “It fills a 21st-century need, which is wellness and the ability to be a healthy traveler.”

Guests may add to their wellness experience by ordering special facial treatments that take place while they relax in the pod. Those treatments range from a sinus relief facial massage to an eye contour treatment which lifts and firms.

The rate for the wellness relaxation suite at Concord’s Embassy Suites Golf Resort and Spa is priced at $60 above the standard room rate for that day.

“It’s kind of like providing guests a getaway right in their own suite,” says Daffer.

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