When I was at ILTM Spa, there were spas from all over the wold there including those from Bali. So when I returned home and found that I had received Volcanica Candles handcrafted from Bali, I was elated!

DSC_0541-7These handcrafted candles from Bail are simply gorgeous. Almost too pretty to use, but I am over saving things at this point in my life. I just make sure to savor using them.  These are truly special candles.  Take a look at what they tell us about Life in Bali.

Life in Bali is always related to “Tri Hita Karana” which is the concept that there is an undeniable spiritual relationship between humans and their environment. Volcanica candles adhere to the notion that all of Earth is life.

That is why there Balinese artisans strive to craft one-of-a-kind candles that use our earth’s natural ingredients such as sustainable beeswax and palm wax. I grew up with beeswax candles and adore them and their scent, so this really excited me about these remarkable candles.

The island of Bali has become synonymous with breathtaking beauty and relaxation. Likewise, its native Volcanica Candles will relax you, release you and exhilarate your soul.

Words truly cannot do these candles justice. Please take a look at this video showing how they are designed by artists in Bali. These candles will relax you, release you and exhilarate your soul.