landingpageAs I start to plan a trip I head quickly to multiple websites. With the holidays fast approaching now is the time to start planning a warm getaway.  Don’t wait until your toes have frostbite to plan your trip. I cannot stress the value of doing your research before you leave for a holiday. No matter how much you do – you will both be please and unset knowing that there was always more to do.

Where does one start when you start to plan?  Google? I did that and found that many  a travel portal now has some pretty valuable information. We have travel portals everywhere now. What is a travel portal? Well basically a travel website that pulls it all together for you.

Travel portals have already done all the “leg work” for you and have tied it up with a pretty bow just like a holiday package. You can find on them travel suppliers, packages full of saving and an abundant of information about many locations to spend your holiday.

So which travel portal do you start with when travel planning? There are websites that help us decide. Usually they have some authority due to their use by travel agents and those who have already experienced the locations you are looking for travel information about. See an example here where you can find reviews of On the Beach.

The review commented that everything at was well organized and documents. The reviewer said they would use them again. I think that is the ultimate answer one if looking for when they need a referral.

Do you like to review places you have visited? Where do you go for travel reviews? One thing is certain – one must review all places and help others obtain the perfect vacation.