Spa visits can be quite costly, particularly if you want multiple services. These days, people seem to put their pampering off because busy schedules and hectic times do not allow much wiggle room. When you have decided you just cannot put it off any longer, there are some ways to save a little bit of money when you are booking your spa day with these spa deal tips.

Small Spas VS Big  Spas

Choose smaller spas over larger ones. Sometimes travel booking sites like highlight small local businesses to help when planning a trip. Often times there are many smaller spas listed. Both types of spas have their own benefits and drawbacks, but smaller spas may allow you to save some money. For example, a larger spa may have higher rates for services because they offer a wider range of services and have higher costs of remaining in business and paying employees. If you simply want a mud facial or massage, a smaller sized spa can offer those services at possibly lower prices.


Memberships are not always wasteful or useless. It may seem like a spa membership is not worth the money, but once you are a member you often get many services for free at a very steep discount. If there are specific services that you use often and can get at a less expensive rate or for free, having the membership saves you the difference in amounts.

Special Rates

Ask the spa about any special rates or discounts they may be offering. Spafinder has a great directory of thousands of spas across North American with ongoing special deals and offers. Sometimes the spas will have sales on specific services or packages as a promotional tool. It is also likely that some spas will have special group pricing, so think about getting some friends together and split the costs. You can sometimes save a great deal of money by getting group packages.

Students, Trainees, or Interns

Do not be afraid to get services done by students, trainees, or interns. In many cases, spas will offer free or discounts if you opt to allow these individuals to do the work. Avoid any spa services that might involve chemicals or equipment, however, if you choose this route. Request that an experienced employee perform treatments such as chemical peels and laser skin sessions.

Extra Perks

Ask about extra perks you might be missing out on. There are many spas that offer access to saunas, pools, or the gym but only for that same day. If you are interested, make an entire day out of the visit. You will not have to pay another fee for those services on another day if you take advantage of it then.

Ultimately, saving money with spas involves simple efforts. Take the extra time to call ahead and get information. Up to this point, you have already put off the needed pampering. A few more minutes and a little extra planning will not hurt. Call a few spas or request online quotes for multiple spas and compare prices so that you can get the best deal.