Recent years have seen spa resorts become some of the world’s more popular and luxurious destinations. However planning spa vacations can be an overwhelming prospect. There are so many spas to choose from, each offering an array of exotic services, various star ratings and of course sliding price scales. While the sheer volume might be daunting, this also means that there are sure to be options that suit individual styles and budgets.

For the perfect late holiday, consider what kind of break you’re in the mood for, where you’d like to be and what type of spa fits your personal tastes. From Mexico to Slovenia, here are some of the best (and most inexpensive) spa resorts in the world and some tips on how to make spa vacations even more affordable.

Tip – Consider exchange rates

For international spa holidays, checking exchange rates is key. Do some research about where your currency is strongest and stretch your holiday budget as far as it can go. With more money to work with, guests might be able to afford a nicer room or splurge on an extra spa treatment.

Destination – Maya Tulum Retreat and Spa (Mexico)

Mexico is full of spa resorts but this is one of the most luxurious destinations in the country and extremely reasonably priced. Whether you enjoy a standard room or a stunning beachfront cabana, guests are pampered at every turn and can even indulge in some exotic programming like lucid dreaming courses and indigenous sweat lodges.

Tip – Compare, Compare, Compare

In certain parts of the world, spas are a dime a dozen. With so many resorts in such a limited area, spas often offer packages and deals in order to stay competitive. All-inclusive spas are a fantastic option that include everything from treatments to booze, yoga classes to world-class meals.

Destination – The Oaks and Ojai (California)

This internationally-renowned destination is more than just a spa, it is a holistic wellness destination. As one of the most affordable destination spas in southern California, this all-inclusive retreat offers a full service spa in addition to nature hikes, saunas and hot tubs, exercise classes, meditation courses and a full menu of healthy meal options.

Tip – Travel off-peak

If you’re unsure about when a certain spa is at its busiest, give them a call and ask about when the most affordable times to visit might be. Many spa websites also offer ‘value added or theme weeks’ intended to boost bookings during certain times of year which can mean even further savings. For the best deals, consider longer stays or mid-week visits as these are often the most reasonably priced, especially during off-peak seasons.

Destination – Lasko Thermal Spa Retreat (Slovenia)

This luxurious spa is also an Ayurvedic centre offering visitors access to multiple pools and saunas as well as natural hot springs said to possess significant healing powers. The surrounding landscape, composed of forested mountains and picturesque rivers, make this destination exceptionally peaceful and scenic (in addition to being extremely economical). Nestled into a landscape that boasts four distinct and beautiful seasons, this Slovenian retreat is the perfect off-peak getaway for spa lovers.