In the autumn months, our bodies tend to go into hibernation mode and your metabolism tends to slow down making you feel sluggish. If you are feeling lethargic, take a look at these fabulous spa treatments for fall.

New Face SerenityThe Detoxifying Facial

A new season is the perfect opportunity for a complete skincare overhaul. The temperature change that occurs in autumn can cause havoc with your skin. Cold winds and chilly temperatures can leave your complexion dehydrated and dull. Facials are skin saviours over the colder months and you will benefit from incorporating them into your beauty regime. Detoxifying facials are the best for tired skin and will leave you with a gorgeous glow.

kemThe Full Body Polish

It’s not just your face that requires extra attention during autumn. In the colder months, we tend to neglect our bodies as we don’t show as much skin in this season. The areas of your body that are prone to dryness such as elbows, knees and feet will suffer the most but there is a treatment that can return your skin to its former glory. A full body exfoliation boasts a number of benefits that go way beyond super soft skin. Having this done in a spa can increase circulation, reduce the appearance of cellulite and kick start your metabolism.

Amsterdam SpasThe Stimulating Body Wrap

If you are feeling a little sluggish, a stimulating body wrap is guaranteed to give you the kick start you need. Body wraps are an intensive treatment that aims to purify, detoxify and stimulate the body while cleansing the skin to leave you with a gorgeous glow. You can choose from a variety of wraps that use warming thermal clay or invigorating essential oils. This is a great idea if your skin is particularly dehydrated as it targets the whole body in one hour long treatment.

bali spa 3The Full Body Massage

Your joints get stiffer during the colder months and this is generally when many people kick start their gym regimes to look good for the festive period. If you are suffering from muscle soreness, stiff joints or work related stress, a full body massage can work a multitude of miracles. A therapist will knead your aching muscles, leaving your shoulders un-hunched and your body and mind free from stress. There are a variety of massages to choose from depending on your goals. Hot stones, invigorating balms and essential oils are a popular choice.

cruise massageWhere to Spa

November is the perfect time for a spa break. The month before Christmas can be a stressful time and it makes sense to take a break in preparation for the chaos that awaits. November is also a popular time for people to go away in search of winter sun. Do your research online to find a luxurious spa in your area, Kempinski luxury hotels Bangkok and beyond offer five star spa facilities should you be looking for relaxation of the highest standards.