A SPA GAL’S TRICK OR TREAT: Halloween has always been special to me, but not in the way your may think. I grew up with a little bit of a different type of Halloween experience.  Every Halloween my Daddy would take me out trick or treating, while my Mom would stay home busy preparing a special dinner.  We always had an extremely special meal that night that always included steaks and champagne.  As a child I thought WOW Halloween is pretty special around here and also why did my mom want us to hurry back home!

THE BIG HALLOWEEN REVEAL:  Later as I grew a little older I started to understand the importance of Halloween! It was my parents anniversary!

(There is another long story here to the reason of this special date, but I will save it for another day.)

A SPA GAL’S TRICK OR TREAT PLAN: So this year away from my parents and kids getting a little too old to dress up, I thought how can I make Halloween special? These were my thoughts as I fell asleep last night and came up with an amazing Spa Gal Halloween IDEA!

What if Spa Gal’s could go Trick or Treating and get some cool spa boutique items in their bag? Would that be cool? See below what a Spa Gal might find in her own personal Trick or Treat Bag if we could ever get this idea started.  At least possibly in our dreams when a Spa Gal goes trick or treating here is what she might find in her bag!

securedownload-33Sanctuary Spa 5-Piece Weekend Essentials Body Collection – Well first of course we need a great spa gal bag to not only get us ready for the night, but also to hold our trick or treating loot! Thank you QVC for this amazing collection of head to toe treats. These full body treats will help you relax and indulge while nourishing your skin. They also leave you with a classic scent.

PBChocolate_Wrapper-Medium_jpg2. KIND Snacks – Now a spa gal has got to eat and when we do KIND Snacks are guilt free healthy whole grains to enable us to keep going all day.   Recently KIND Snacks are my go-to snack to grab when I am on the run – like just last Skincare Sunday when I was on my to a Live #SkincareSunday Chat at the Omni Atlanta’s Serenity Spa. I also packed KIND Snacks into my luggage for my trip to London and Paris this month.  I don’t go anywhere without them!

floral_13. Van Der Hagen Gentle Glycerin SoapThese mild glycerin soaps are perfect for those with dainty skin like most spa gals or anyone.  I have found that the entire family appreciates the purity of the ingratiates in these hypo-allergenic, non-comedongenic. One big plus is that is will not clog your pores! After using this soap you will feel soft and smooth. Enjoy your favorite color today! Mine is the Floral Bar in Pink of course!

securedownload-344. Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics America’s #1 Elastic’s New Ouchless Ribbon Elastics. These new hair accessories prove that fashion can be comfortable. Look beautiful in these soft, stretchy hair accessories that looks as fabulous in your hair or on your wrist.  I was recently in London at The Tatler Spa Awards and bonded with a gal over our wrist accessories.  She commented about how they don’t leave a crease in your hair when you take them out.  Another great reason to pick some up.

blam_nilla5. Blamtastic Fall brings dry heat and that leaves lips feeling extremely un-kissable!  So I turn to Blamtastic Luscious Lip Balm with SPF 15. Their flavors are oh so yummy. My favorite is O.M. G. (Oh My Grapes), but Cherry Nilla is divine too.”

3006. EOS Lip Balm What is better than the gift of lovely lips? So whether in your trick or treat bag or in your purse eos is always on your side. The soft side that is! Try a Pom-granite Raspberry Smooth Sphere Lip Balm today. IT is 100% natural and the unique packaging just makes it that much more fun! At only $2.99 it is a such a sweet pick!

dnaegf-glycolic-acid-foaming-cleanser7. DNAEGF CleanserThis product is perfect for removing any costume makeup or just every day makeup. Dr. Moy has an amazing new skincare line which you can find an amazing cleanser.  His renewal line is great for use at home, but one can also get his treatment during spa treatments at The Four Seasons Westlake Spa and the Kapalua Spa in Maui. Gotta love a doc that loves spas too!

279523_338394476255573_277731839_o8. Myo Essentials – The Great Pumpkin has brought me a few products in my trick or treat bag from Myo Essentials. They are amazing and has me very excited about their in home facial toning system.  Maybe Santa will bring me that item and I will let you know the results!

By-Scent_Original-4oz-218x300-19. Poo-Pourri – Yes we all do it so why not try this all natural product made from essentials oils.  After you laugh out loud from their video you will then respect the spray!


10. Kuhi Comfort – Now the trick or treating is complete, so time to relax and put your feet up. Imagine how much more rested you will feel if you use a Kuhi Comfort pillow.  I recently tried it on an overseas flight to London and arrived refreshed. Try one and refresh today!