securedownload-5Fall is here, please take a little time to relax! It is always good to take a little time for yourself, whether it is Skincare Sunday #skincaresunday or any day.

To help you get in the mood, I have yet another contest this month! Please help me thank Princess Cruises for allowing me to help you relax – that is after you get over the excitement of winning a prize! This is an update to the previous contest and thus past entries are not eligible so please enter again for this new contest with TWO Winners.

The prizes are Princess Cruises Relaxation Pack, chock full of relaxation-inducing goodies, including: embroirdered bath robe, bath slippers, body wash, body lotion, sugar scrub, candle and more!

Princess Cruises are experts on relaxation. The very essence of a vacation is to relax, leaving all of your daily stresses behind. At Princess Cruises, they think a cruise is the ultimate way to unwind. Imagine exploring the world from a beautiful ship – cruising the world’s oceans, visiting amazing destinations and enjoying the many relaxing things to do onboard, whether it’s visiting the spa or finding a quiet place on board to read a book.

In an effort to see how men and women prefer to relax and disconnect from everyday life, Princess Cruises conducted a survey to identify personal vacation styles.

The Results of the Vacation Relaxation National Survey 
Princess Cruises asked 1,000 adults across the U.S. about their own personal vacation relaxation styles. Here are some noteworthy findings:
·         Silence or Sensory Delight? – More than a third of respondents consider themselves as “sensory relaxers,” who like to recharge by soaking up the sights and sounds of events and activities around them, such as sporting events, movies or beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Whereas, another third of respondents consider themselves as “silent relaxers,” who prefer quiet spaces, ceased conversations, and losing themselves in books or the soothing sounds of nature.
·         Tried and True or New? – More than half (64%) of respondents prefer somewhere new when choosing a relaxing vacation, compared to only a third (36%) who prefer a tried and true destination.
·         Relaxation Setting? – The most popular type of scenery found to be most relaxing when on vacation is ocean and waves (59%). Mountain scenery came in second (20%), followed by sunrises and sunsets (17%).
·         Play it by Ear? – Respondents were evenly split when asked if pre-planning every vacation activity (52%) or being completely spontaneous (48%) produced a more relaxing experience when planning a vacation.
·         To Cook or Clean? – More than two-thirds (67%) of respondents agreed that having someone else cook for them was the most relaxing way to enjoy a meal on vacation.
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