overnight_serum_sealNighttime Plan: I usually have a nighttime plane each and every Skincare Sunday, but do you have a nighttime plan for your skincare every night? You know skin care is an ongoing thing and not just a once a week, month or Year!

I started using some amazing products, but the one that has stood out for nighttime use is StriVectin Advanced Overnight Resurfacing Serum. This serum gently exfoliates your skin for a visible improvement within days possibly overnight. I saw a definite new glow after only a few days.

How It Works:  They have combined a molecules with a botanical exfoliate and herbal extracts to make a leave-on gentle “genie in a bottle” type wish of a skincare product. It dissolves that old dead skin and refreshes your face for a new glow. You wakeup brighter, smoother and renewed! Now that just sound remarkable.

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