fotor-04-700x393Fall and the upcoming winter are a big time for celebrations and family gatherings. Both are a time to take some amazing photos to share and enjoy yourself.  There are many ways to do that, but I just today discovered Fotor!

Their photo editor is for everyone. They have platforms for iPhone, Mac, Android and Windows. You can try it for FREE.

For those of you that love to play with your photos and create amazing unique items, try their photo frame section of the website. This photo frame is just gorgeous and could only improve the looks of any pic you take with any camera or phone.

For those of with a little more expertise you may enjoy their free online HDR Software service. You can here create HDR images online for free. Free is always a good thing and when it is this special it just works.


Speaking of works, when I was working with the website I was happy to find it not only simple but intuitive. The uncomplicated way to change up and see what works well is simplified and quick – extremely quick.  As gals we do like to change your mind and Fotor is made for just that – quick changes.

Here are some features you can expect when you visit Fotor – edits, photo frames, HDR, collages, clip art, photo cards, web cams and even a banner maker.

So whether you are looking for a simple aid for your photo creations or something more comprehensive, Fotor is your best bet. It goes way beyond what other photo editing website usually give you (especially for free). I am off to make a collage today. Why don’t you join me on Fotor!