It’s a few days before we leave for our trip – an incredible five-night spa cruise that will take myself and my close friend, Josh from Spain through Italy and France and back again.

Now, I’ve been on cruises before, so this won’t exactly be my first rodeo. However I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything quite like the amazing spa trip Costa Cruises has planned for us. We’ll be staying in the exclusive Samsara Spa Suites, located in a private area with direct access to the spa and a small oasis of wellness for those of us who want to treat ourselves to a little extra privilege. Our cabins even include a purifying shower filter, an aromatic essence diffuser, and even a selection of ayurvedic teas to enjoy.

The Male Spa Travel Crew

Josh has never even been on a cruise before, and I’m actually finding myself almost jealous of this. Sure, the cruises I’ve been on before have been great, but they’ve never promised the exclusivity and amazing comprehensiveness that this trip is able to. I can’t think of a better way for Josh to spend his first cruise – being pampered as we sail across the seas. It’s really no wonder why this cruise was named as one of Travel + Leisure’s 2013 Top Mega-Ship Cruise Lines.

Oh, the Places We’ll Go

Savona Port Panoramic
Our trip will start in Barcelona in the evening. After a brief but typical emergency drill we will set sail for Palma De Mallorca, arriving bright an early at 8:00AM.We will next sail to the port of Ajaccio, France, where we’ll be whisked away in style and comfort to other ports in Marseille, Savona, and eventually back to Barcelona where it all began.

marseille, france

Now THAT’S Inclusive

Because we’ve decided to stay in the exclusive Samsara Spa Suites, we’ll be receiving – get this – a Welcome Ritual. This welcoming ritual includes a tea ceremony, personalized wellness program advice, chosen treatments, fitness and meditation lessons, and access to the UVA Solarium. It’s safe to say that this is by far one of the most inclusive cruise packages both myself and Josh will have ever experienced. Yes it is definitely time to kick off those elevator shoes and tackle a bit of relaxation here.

Costa Luminosa

I’ll admit to being a little new to the whole spa experience. In fact, I wrote a spa travel guide for men after my first few experiences in Italy, Mexico, Panama, and more. But Josh and I are absolutely thrilled about this cruise. I mean, how could we not be? What could possibly be more fun than setting sail aboard Costa Luminosa, one of the most technologically impressive cruise ships ever built, while being pampered like Pharaohs? Not much comes to mind.

Pay close attention in the coming weeks as I offer a unique male perspective on spa travel after my experience aboard a luxury cruise liner.My trip to aboard the Costa Luminosa is provided in collaboration with Costa and Newman PR.  All opinions expressed above are my own.