Picture12We can all use a little help in our wellness journey and now we have an awesome tool right here in Atlanta. Are you someone that has been exercising and trying to eat healthy, but just need a little help for those trouble spots? Well Vanquish is a new technology that is only available in a few places in the entire country. Those of us lucky enough to be in Atlanta have a chance to be one of the first to try this revolutionary system to fix some of those nagging trouble spots. Thank you Atlanta Dermatology and Laser Surgery for bringing Vanquish to Atlanta!

There are some spots that are stubborn. No matter how many crunches or how much cardio, some fat deposits will not go away. We all have them including me! Whether they are just naturally stubborn body parts or some things leftover from having your precious children – we still don’t like them!

Vanquish is going to be my partner is fixing a few problem areas along with the Atlanta Dermatology and Laser Surgery.  I saw where Jezebel Magazine and Modern Luxury gave them a Best of Atlanta award, so I had a certain level of confidence in them. Now after meeting with their lovely team, I cannot wait to get started with the relaxing treatments! Yes relaxing – you don’t have to lift a finger.  How luxurious is that?!?!

Follow along with my progress and let me share with you my results. Also be sure to check out their open house coming up soon! I picked up this flyer while in their office and wanted to make sure you check your calendar and can attend. This is a revolution you need to be part of!


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Vanquish is a new, revolutionary procedure in permanent fat reduction, offering painless and surgery-free treatments that require no downtime. This treatment utilizes radio frequency to target fat layers and permanently remove fat cells – giving patients dramatic results that can be seen in as little as a few days following the first treatment. The Vanquish applicator delivers RF energy selectively into fat layers, while restricting the delivery of high heat elsewhere, providing optimal penetration of the fat layers and maximizing the results. Studies have shown circumferential reduction of 2 inches or more in the abdomen after treatment.

Each Vanquish treatment takes an average of 30 minutes and most patients need three to four treatments. Each treatment should be spaced a minimum of a week apart. The experts at Atlanta Dermatology and Laser Surgery will meet with patients for a free consultation to determine a treatment plan that will best address the unique needs of each patient.

Vanquish’s unique design allows treatment of large areas at one time. This larger treatment area helps to speed up treatment time and make treatments convenient and simple for patients looking to reduce fat bulges in the front and back of the abdomen and the buttock. Patients may see results as quickly as after their first treatment.

For more information or to schedule your free consultation call (404) 296-8000.

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