cartoon_fitness_ladyNever have I had such quick results for any spa treatment ever like the results I am getting from Vanquish. Vanquish at Atlanta Dermatology and Laser Surgery has changed my life! Vanqiush is an FDA cleared revolutionary radiofrequency system with unparalleled results.

Picture12I have been working out and dieting with only slight results. Even when I have been extremely diligent about working out and dieting, I have never been able to target where I want to lose the fat. Vanquish has done this for me. Vanquish has given the results I have been striving for without any work. Yes I am still eating healthy, using my Fitness Pal, but Vanquish is making my waist loss inches each week. See here where I tell you all about this revolutionary new fat loss tool, Vanquish!

Now, I understand why the American Academy of Dermatology is so excited about a new device that leaped way ahead of anything already on the market. Vanquish is approved for deep-tissue targeting of fat cells and has no or minimal side effects. I only felt a little tingling after my first treatment. After that nothing – just rejoicing in the results.

Here is how it works. During four sessions spaced by a week each, one only has to relax and have a few moments of Zen while Michele places the panels over my waist (read over not on) – nothing ever touches you – this is truly like magic. The sensors then read your body fat and it then customizes the amount of energy to use during your 30 minutes of rest. Yes moms it is true rest! I think I will miss these 30 minutes of Zen after my treatments are over.

MicheleWebThe only sensation I ever feel during treatments is warmth. Just like I have a warm blanket over my waist. Michele is sweet enough to place a little blanket over my tootsies during the treatment to keep my feet toasty too. Michele always makes sure I am so comfortable during the treatment, I feel like I am at a luxury spa not a doctor’s office.

Before and after the treatment one should drink plenty of water which not only help the treatments, but also your body by helping it rid itself of dead fat cells. Drinking water is always a good thing!

Vanquish has me so excited I want to share it with you. Be to visit Atlanta Dermatology and Laser Surgery to see Vanquish happen for yourself. They are having an open house and giving demos that night! Don’t miss this amazing evening!

Let me ask you – how many things have you tried with no results? Then let me tell you Vanquish gives results after the first treatment! Yes after only 1 treatment! Yes I am very happy with my new BFFs!

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About Michele:

Michele has been with Atlanta Dermatology and Laser Surgery since 1990 initially as a Certified Medical Assistant. While working with Dr. Cooper as a CMA, she began training to become a Certified Laser Technician for the practice. Michele has performed cosmetic and laser procedures since 1993, and is an active member of The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. As an expert in Laser and Cosmetic procedures, Michele specializes in Vanquish, Tattoo Removal, Laser Hair Removal, Photorejuvenation, Exilis, CoolSculpting, micro laser peels, microdermabrasions, facial vein removal and chemical peels.

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