IMG_5146(1)When I travel I want functional fashion, but I also want luxurious dependable accessories. I want to share with you my picks for top travel accessories.  I will now not go anywhere without them.  From Aruba to London, these are the products that are always by my side!

Fashionable Functional Camera Bag

IMG_1466What is my fav camera bag? Well as a travel writer, I must take along a good camera which is definitely bigger than my iPhone, so a good bag is a must. I found an amazing Nikon that I love at Clifton Cameras. I already had a few lens, so the Nikon D7100 worked well, since Clifton Cameras lets you buy the body only. So I placed it into my new bag. Lo & Sons has brought functional fashion a camera bag. See it here in my room at the Aruba Marriott. See here my top travel accessories pick for a camera bag – Claremont Crossbody & DSLR Camera Bag ($300, truly functional. Recently, I traveled to Aruba The bag was able to fit down into my Lo and Sons O.G. bag, ($295, which I also like to call my Spa Bag! See here on Instagram! I also plan on taking them both to London too!

Smart Luggage

Functionality is king with the Genius Pack 22’ Carry On ($198, and laundry compression technology is the bomb! One knows your luggage is special, when you go to check in and the guy at the airline’s counter goes “Wow”.  Yes it happened to me this past week on a trip to The Aruba Marriott Resort Tradewinds Club. What’s so special? How about a circular compartment for an umbrella, a water bottle holder, packing list, laundry chute and an included toiletry kit. Be sure to check out all of their items at Genius Pack. See below the famous laundry chute!


Crossbody Purse

tumi crossbody capri Everyone needs a dependable crossbody bag for those passports and credit cards and their safety. My fav is a Tumi Voyageur Capri Bag  ( which I place into larger items when I need to.  Tumi travel accessories are very dependable. I have carried this bag for almost 5 years now and cannot do without it on any trip. Nothing has ever broken for me on any Tumi product I have ever had. Tumi is a another great company to turn to for all your travel needs.