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Ava Roxanne Stritt knows travel. The Atlanta blogger recently returned from an Aruba vacation.

Stritt is also considered one of the most influential voices in spa travel, and she runs That’s why we kick off every month by chatting with her, to see what exciting spa and luxury travel trend is on her mind.

This month: Stritt is especially excited about luxury luggage.

Here are three of her picks for the best of luxury luggage, to make your vacation run smoothly from packing to unpacking.

1. Lo & Sons’ camera bag: functional and fashionable.

Stritt loves the Claremont Crossbody & DSLR Camera Bag, not only because it’s functional, but also fashionable.

“During a recent trip it quite comfortably held my Nikon 3200, along with the battery charger, with room to spare,” Stritt says.

She says she loves the memory card storage, which makes it easy and quick to switch out memory cards. Plus, the camera bag fit perfectly in her other Lo and Sons O.G. bag, so it only counted as one carry-on while flying.

2. Keep the documents safe.

As an avid international traveler, Stritt knows the importance of keeping your passport, money, IDs and important documents safe. She says she trusts the Sumatra Crossbody to protect hers.

She has carried the slim Tumi Voyager Crossbody Bag for nearly a decade.

Her reasons: It’s slender enough to tuck it into a larger purse or beach bag, if needed. The cross-body design keeps it close to her body, when that is needed. And the bag has held up well.

“I have never had a zipper to break, even after I stuffed it with tons of items,” Stritt says.

You can find this and other Tumi bags at The Crossbody is $245, with free two-day shipping. Save big on your eBags purchases by taking advantage of one of these 50 eBags coupons, plus get a whopping 14 percent Cash Back from!

3. The best carry-on luggage in the world.

It’s called a Genius Pack. With a name like that, this luggage has big shoes to fill.

And it absolutely exceeds any expectations you might have. It is no surprise the Genius pack has been called the “best carry-on luggage in the world.”

You know you’re carrying special luggage when the airline rep sees your bag and gasps, “Wow.” That happened to Stritt during one of her trips, while carrying a Genius Pack — with its groundbreaking “laundry-compression technology” and circular umbrella compartment.

Genius Luggage also features a packing list, laundry chute, battery pack to recharge your electronics, included toiletry kit, a compact speaker to stream music while you unpack and water-bottle holder — there’s a spot for everything. With labels. Admit it; the OCD side of you is getting a little giddy.

The 22-inch carry-on is currently on sale for $198, marked down from $298, at