894_532749156748989_334989354_nA few months ago, I had the pleasure of running into Stephanie Green-Bass, while hanging out at Woo Skincare in Atlanta along with my beauty pals from the new remarkable app Pretty In My Pocket (see here where I am a Power Primper)! I had always wanted to meet this special lady who founded (Plā) Beauty.  She also has a daughter named Ava, so I knew we were destined to chat one day…but this day we were both burning the candle at both ends and tabled the chat for later!

So jumping forward, I recently got a chance to get up close and personal with Plā Beauty and their make-up expert Michael Hanz. Ok, I can’t wait to tell you how great Plā Beauty is but combine that with Michael’s expert touch and I felt like a movie star after getting a makeup application with Plā Beauty’s amazing products from him. Michael’s touch gives such a natural appearance, I can see why he is in demand by stars.  With all those paparazzi around and don’t forget that HD, stars need an expert touch like Michael’s!

Ok now back to Stephanie and why she started a beauty company. Stephanie is a Mom who lost her first daughter, Bella at 18 days. She calls this the daughter she holds in her heart, while Ava is her second daughter that she holds in her hand. When Stephanie was going though tough days, she always thought well at least I can put a little lipstick on and maybe that will make me feel just a little better.

860140_10151697006478362_1209889627_oWell that usually made her feel just a bit better, so add a little blush, a dab of mascara and possibly then a smile! She then realized the power of makeup and thus her dream was born. A portion of her proceeds from (Plā) Beauty is donated to better a child’s life at Children’s Health Care, a place close to her heart. Thus, when you purchase and wear (Plā) Beauty it not only makes a lasting impression on your beauty, but also on the life of a child.

So join me in supporting a great face and a great cause and pick your (Plā) Beauty Book today! Here a a few of my favorite products.

Liquid to Power Foundation – I have heard of this concept before, but never found one that really followed through.  With the first dab of foundation touching my face, I felt the difference. Then after the palm of my hand gently touch my face while I was putting on my mascara I felt “Velvet”? Yes the powder finish of this foundation is real! I am not sure how it works, but boy does it work!

Mascara Primer – Ever want to pump up your volume without the clump? This mascara primer does just that. It uses vitamin enriched conditioners to amplify your mascara.

EyeFixEye Fix – Okay, I have to admit that I never thought I needed an eye powder primer, but this one has me sold. My eye powders goes on and never leave when I use the primer. This is a step worth taking. Also when I use it the effects of the shadows look like the inventor much have visioned – celebrity perfect tones!

Now these are just a few of my favorites. Go here to see even more  (Plā} Beauty  – Make Up with Meaning!