Relaxation is the foremost consideration for the majority of people taking a cruise ship holiday. There are plenty of ways to immerse yourself in the leisure activities on-board, from gentle saunas and yoga classes, to gym routines and martial arts lessons. However, perhaps the most desirable way to relax on a cruise holiday is by means of a cruise massage. Here are the types of massage on cruise ships.

Qualified masseurs and extensive massage parlours have become a regular fixture on modern-day cruise liners. Passengers can choose between a variety of massage techniques as the perfect way to unwind from a tiring day-excursion on land or heavy night enjoying the ship’s entertainment. When I was on the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas Cruise Ship, I found that as the cruise went on the deals and spa treatment packages got better. If you can wait to schedule your spa treatment during the trip. You will have to be flexible on the time this way. The best spa deals are for spa appointment times when the ship is in port. You can also get a day pass to the amenities on some cruise ships.

To ensure your cruise has massage facilities available, check out a site such as Cruise1st that compares liners from different companies and different routes on the same website. As a way to enthuse your desire for a cruise ship holiday even further, here are 5 types of massage commonly offered on-board.

Swedish Massage – Perhaps the most popular type on cruise ships is the Swedish massage. Cruise liners will expect their masseurs to be fully trained in this service. Several, long-stroke techniques such as kneading and rolling are included so as to gently remove tension in certain areas. It is offered usually as a full-body service, with a mixture of soothing oils rubbed into the skin.

Reflexology Massage – Take the stress off your feet with a reflexology massage. It is a specialist type of therapy that takes advantage of the pressure points in the foot when pressed firmly by the hand. Although its medical benefits are disputed, it does take the strain away from the feet and leave you feeling more invigorated to take on inland trips.

Thai Massage – Originating from the South-East Asian subcontinent, the Thai massage concentrates on stretching methods and Yoga techniques to relieve stress. Masseurs on established cruise liners will be meticulously trained to deliver high quality Thai massages that are designed to produce increased flexibility and whole-body relaxation.

Head Massage – Some passengers will prefer a simpler head or scalp massage instead of a more dynamic full-body rub down. They have a very relaxing affect and have also been known to soothe aggravating headaches. Many head massages can concentrate on hair condition, with oils and shampoos rubbed into the scalp.

Sports Massage – A cruise ship holiday can provide you with many additional benefits that may have not even crossed your mind beforehand. Acquiring a massage for a sports injury is one of these. Effective treatment for any previous injuries, aches or pains on the body can be an additional advantage for booking a cruise. There is now no need to be sacrificing your holiday for physiotherapy needs as even the hardest injuries and niggles can be looked after while travelling the seas.

There is no excuse to not be in the lap of luxury and the centre of relaxation while on your cruise holiday, there are enough facilities on even the most basic of ships to have spa treatments, take a leisurely swim and obviously just sit and watch the waves go by.

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