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Just this week I was having coffee with a new pal and we were discussing our travels. One place that we both thought sounded like a remarkable experience was a journey to South Africa.  Yes they have amazing safaris there, but did you think that would be the only reason for Spa Travel Gal to have South Africa on her mind ?

Well actually there are two reasons this week. The 1st is a new Goblet List (aka Bucket List) for me. Not only do I love spa treatments, but unique ones are the bomb for me these days! How does a massage sound by the Zambezi River with Victoria Falls and Hippos as the backdrop. Pretty jaw-dropping – YES?!?!  So lately I am daydreaming about spa travel to Sun International’s Royal Livingstone Hotel in South Africa.

The 2nd reason is my new skincare regime, SkinPhd.  First, I want to thank SkinPhd for sending me some of their items.  I had first discovered how great they were at the opening of Serenity Spa at the Omni Atlanta.  See here where I reviewed  the spa grand opening for the Omni Hotels website.

Plat-cropNow let me tell you about SkinPhd. First, I want you to know that my skin does not react well to many skincare product lines. Well, that is not the case with SkinPHd! My skin has been doing so well with all the items that I dare not a miss day (morning or evening) using them for fear I will not have that SkinPhd glow when I awake in the AM.

More unbelievable is the fact that I was offered a free facial to review another new spa this week.  I said no! Yes, no for fear that my skin would then not have that SkinPhD glow  – in other worlds I did not want to lose the progress that I had made.

Ok, Ok you say what does this have to do with South Africa – well their secret ingredients are all natural items from South Africa. All products are manufactured and formulated in South Africa. Well I want to try them all, but so far my fav has been the breakout control gel.  Do you get those horrid hormonal breakouts on your chin? Well I did – but they are now gone after using SkinPhd Breakout Control Gel. It is amazing and worked within 1 and 1/2 days! My chin was clear!

Magic? No! Their anti-aging line was even voted best anti-aging skincare on DoctorOz.com. I have been using it and adore how it makes me feel like I am turning back the clock. -aging backwards! Well here is a biggie – you know I get lots of skincare items in the mail for reviews daily but I am here to say that SkinPhD and I are exclusive right now! I can’t wait to learn more about all of their products!