Luxury trains

For the majority of travellers, reaching the chosen destination by the cheapest means possible is the main consideration of booking travel arrangements. However, many others prefer the comfort, peace and often reduced travel time that upgraded trips will bring. What is your personal travel style?

With the birth of the internet age, picking and choosing any travel means to suit your requirements has become easier over time. For those lucky enough to be able to afford the more exclusive of ways to travel, here are 5 options that can be considered:

Business-Class Flights – Upgrading to first or business class on an airplane strongly reduces the stresses and uncomfortable nature of flying. Even before you embark, you can relax in spacious departure lounges and also take up priority boarding. If you’ve already seen what a priority points service can do and found your flights online through SACP or a similar service then you’ve already using great business travel. The increased space you have once inside the aircraft, and often the capability of lying vertically, can make even long-haul flights enjoyable. Enlarged entertainment screens, improved cuisine and meal options are also obvious advantages of flying business-class.

Limousines – Travelling by road in style comes courtesy of limousines. Although black stretch models with inclusive chauffeurs automatically spring to mind when thinking of limousines, this isn’t necessarily the case. Luxury sedans, SUVs and vans are all common when hiring higher-class vehicles. Experienced drivers will be able to pick you up and drop you off at any location with a speedy, smooth and professional service. If you’re really eager to try this out, you can also rent the luxury cars to drive yourself.


Luxury Cruises – Booking a luxury cruise is the pinnacle of many people’s holidaying history. The service offered is luxurious and the smaller ship size means that the crew can be more attentive to your needs. A lot of these higher end cruises will be all inclusive, with food, drink, spa treatments and entertainment services all included in the price. Due to the extensive choice of luxury cruises, checking out cruises online can help you pick out the most appropriate one for your location and flexibility.

First-Class Trains – If your preferred means of passage is via railway, first-class train tickets can easily be booked online or at the station. Although their cost is amplified, they offer a more respectable and comforting means of travel for those who can afford it. Taking in some of the greatest rail journeys in the world are even better when travelling first class. The advantages of a first-class carriage seat include complimentary newspapers, extra leg room, free WiFi and quicker catering service. Some train companies will provide free meals and drinks also as part of the facility. The Eurostar offers two types of first class cars. Take a day trip to Paris from London in one of their Premier train cars for the best way to travel in style by train.

Upgraded Accommodation – It isn’t only getting to your location that can be achieved in style, booking a higher end accommodation takes away any potential fears of inadequate living standards. Glamorous hotels and resorts offer top of the line facilities in exotic locations, meaning all you need to concentrate on is how to relax. Remember to plan any trip away carefully in line with the set budget, making sure not to overspend or underestimate costs when abroad.