BR39TybCcAAG5ENIs your skin picky? I know mine is, so that is why I think about skincare a lot – not only these days for always! That is how #SkincareSunday started.  See how it all began here at this link – Skincare Sunday.

Usually when we discuss skincare, we think of our face BUT we need to think about our entire body. SO, let me ask you this big questions – How much thought do you put into choosing your soap that you would use in the shower?

I have found the perfect soap that you only have to think about once – just decide that you are going to do something good for your skin and buy it for the next Skincare Sunday. Then see just how much you enjoy it.The summer heat can leave your skin dry and irritated, and commonplace bar soaps lack the ingredients essential to have the healthiest, cleanest skin.

Let me introduce you to  van der Hagen’s new line of Gentle Glycerin Soaps that will help you raise the bar on caring for your skin.  See here where it was featured on #skincaresunday on Twitter recently.

The loveliest soap in the world! Fresh by @vanderhagenent Get some for #SkincareSunday

— Spa Travel Gal Ava (@SpaTravelGal) August 17, 2013


The Powers of Glycerin

· Hydrates skin through the moisturizing process of pulling water from the air and the surface of your skin
· Immediate, long-lasting skin softening benefits
· Promotes elasticity for more supple skin
· Protects skin and aids in healing wounds

With a selection of four invigorating scents—Fruity, Floral, Fresh and Free (clear/unscented)—you’ll smell like heaven from head to toe.

And for just $2.99 you can lather in luxury with handmade, all-natural soaps that leave your skin glowing.

Now go get ready for Skincare Sunday today whether your skin is picky or not!