iStock_000007044552XSmall-300x220Most of you only know me as a Spa Travel Gal, but I am a mom too even though my kids are almost grown.  I have had so many transitions in and out of the work force, I thought it would be great to share with you some of the issues when I went back into the work force.  I have done it all – full time, part time, part time temp (working full time), job sharing, work from home, part time jobs while the kids were at school, and probably almost any other way you can think of. I have worked three jobs outside of the home in one day before. Wow I must have had a lot of energy back then.  I have worked with babies on my lap and cats on my papers. There were times that I thought I could not work without a cat on my desk (aka the kitchen table).

Recently, a mom pal of mine that just returned to the work force ask me how in the world would she dress now? What should a SAHM wear when going back to work?  After years of wearing pajamas until noon after putting kids on the bus, she was unsure how to even get dressed anymore.  I had to step back and think about not only what I did, but what I wish I would have done.

First of all don’t stress. Most people at work are not concerned about what you have on – just that you are there working. If they are concerned about your shoes then they are probably a young fashionista and believe me shoes should only be comfortable.

When it come to clothing, you need a lot of separates that can work together. That includes jackets, pants and lot of tops.  You can work a neutral color pant and jacket to death with a lot of tops.  Don’t buy to much to begin with. You don’t know what you may really need or feel comfortable in at work for a while.  Also the seasons will change your needs.

Remember that some office buildings are actually opposite from the seasons.  When the weather is cold outside as it was when you were still in college University of Cincinnati. Then when it is hot outside that air conditioning has you reaching for a sweater in the summer.  I always keep one on the back of my door. It is really handy when you get a chill or forget your jacket when racing out the door to get the kids to school on time on your way to work.

Here are a few tips that I found on Monster about Office Fashion Tips for Back to Work Moms. Be sure to read the specifics, but the basics are… Learn the Dress Code, Do an Inventory, Keep the Good Stuff, Shop Smart and Clean Up Your Act.

Here again they speak of the jacket or blazer as an important piece to purchase along with a great fitting black dress. A black dress has been on my mind a lot lately.  I just to love to wear a great shift dresses. Maybe I can find another one soon.  I have been looking around a lot online. I love clothes that travel well and I just found a great jacket here called the Essential Travel Suit Jacket. This will go great with anything especially those wrinkle proof shirts I recently picked up. Also I want to find a simple black suit dress and then I can pair it with a great hot pink scarf to give it a boost of color!

Wonder if Karen Hughes would approve?!?!? Check out StyleUniversity and see Karen’s style tips too!

Hey Working Mother Magazine has really inspired me many times.  Did you know I have a blog there too! It is called Refresh Yourself!