London Fog Black PinkWhen you go shopping do you have an agenda? I used to have a list of all my day’s activities, but lately it is event type shopping. Not as in the shopping trip is an event, but I shop for items for an event coming up in the future. How quickly I can get the items shipped determines how much in the “near” future.

This fall I am going to London and just as I did when I went to New York, I wondered how not to look like a tourist in London. My last trip to London, I was more worried about being comfortable and having clothes that I could wash and dry easily. Well I can tell you that bright pink Under Armour tops and black yoga pants did not help me blend in.  I stood out like a sore thumb, a hot pink sore thumb. It seems I did not get the memo to wear black – everyday (or gray or some other drab color).

This time I am going to be prepared. I have a plan that if I shop online from London websites, I will have a base of items that will help this issue at hand.  I am starting with purse shopping at HushHush. I saw two black bags that I loved there – one a bowling type bag and one a doctor’s shape bag. I can only find these types of bags from London shops, so it must be just the perfect London item.

One of my favorite stores in London to shop when I first arrive is Mark and Spencer, where I always find the outfit in their trends section. I love how they taylor their store to each region in the UK. Some are more of a Super Target and others more like a Neiman-Marcus. After I check in at M&S, then I am off to Kings Road, where I will drop in to Molton Brown. By then I may need to call one of those lovely taxis, hopefully a pink one from The Langham to drop off the loads on my arms and then off to begin again. Of course, not until after afternoon tea!

Then I guess I will have to look for some more things, but I plan to go directly to the local stores when I arrive for things like coats and boots. They have a much better selection than here in the states for those fashion items, so if you go to London you better leave room in your luggage for your London shopping treasures!