pet friendly resortsIt just isn’t fair that the super-rich and the super-stars get all the fun – the rest of us work hard, too, and deserve to lounge in the lap of luxury at least occasionally, right? Well, it’s actually far more plausible to achieve than you might have thought.

It’s really very simple – be smart, be sweet, always be honest, and whatever you do… don’t be a DIVA! With just these attributes you can bump your room up a notch at just about every hotel that crosses your path – just adhere to these 5 tips! You can try these out for yourself next time you’re booking a hotel on the Gold Coast using Accor.

1)     BE SMART ABOUT YOUR BOOKING – First thing is first – don’t try to get away with too much. If you’re wanting to get bumped up to a suite, go ahead and book a room a level or two beneath it; a hotel won’t mind a small price gap jump as much as a big one. Also, take care to book at the right time of day, which is always going to be later in the day – between 4 to 6pm. By this time, the concierges can see what cancellations and no-shows they’ve racked up for the day and can offer one – if they still think these no-shows could show, they can’t do that.

2)     KILL WITH KINDNESS & HONESTY – Whatever little fibs you’ve been coming up with (i.e. It’s my Honeymoon!) – don’t do it. You might think you’re being clever, but so do dozens and dozens of others who try that move on the concierges each and every day. Not only will they not give you a hotel room upgrade, but they’ll consider their intelligence insulted. Furthermore, don’t blow problems with your room out of proportion just to get a free room upgrade – be kind, sweet, and understanding; it’ll go a long way with a that are used to dealing with DIVAS!

3)     NETWORK & CONNECT – Of course, if you know someone who knows the general manager of the hotel, use that connection, but what we’re really getting at here is for you to simply… use the internet! We all have that networking connection – most of us even have it literally in our back pocket.

If you need a good lead, check out the luxury hotel website called the Kiwi Collection – there’s a plethora of free perks, upgrades, VIP offers, and membership benefits. When you’re a member, a Kiwi agent will actually work as your own personal agent and contact hotels on your behalf.

4)     BE LOYAL – Hotels love return business – if you supply them with that, they will take care of you. Don’t think it’s possible that a concierge will remember you? Well, that’s what they have computers for silly! They always keep notes on their best customers and a good concierge will definitely reward your loyalty. This is especially true if you happen to refer friends, family, and co-workers to the hotel under your name – at that point, you can just sit back and watch the room upgrades flood in!

5)     SPECIAL OCCASION? SPEAK UP! – Don’t make a big deal about it – be smooth, be genuine, and be sweet – if you’re at the hotel for a special occasion of some kind, let the concierge know. This is no-brainer if you happen to be a regular of the hotel – they’ll definitely want to take care of you on special days. All you have to do is speak up! Don’t be afraid that the concierge will just think you’re trying to score a free room upgrade – as mentioned, they can spoke the fake-mooners a mile away.