4526Summer is here and you are probably in need of a vacation, Aman Resorts have five star holiday villas in 15 countries and each one of them is unique in style and mood. The first resort opened on the island of Phuket in Thailand in 1988. Amanpuri, which is Sanskrit for “Place of Peace” became one of the best known resorts in Asia for it’s unique design.

The 40 pavilions and 32 villas of Amanpuri are spread over 24 hectares of land which is a Coconut plantation. Amanpuri has no lobby, bellboys or reception area which means guests can come and go of their own free will. In the late 1980s, this was ground-breaking and the popularity of the resort soon led to Aman Resorts expanding and building unique luxury holiday villas in Bhutan, Cambodia, France, Greece, China, India, Indonesia, Italy, Laos, Montenegro, Morocco, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Turkey, the Turks and Caicos Islands and the United States of America. All these countries contain unique and wonderful Aman resorts. Each villa is designed with the location in mind and Aman resorts holiday homes are in some of the most romantic locations in the world.

Family and friends can rent villas and enjoy the benefits of concierge services and housekeeper. There is also an option to hire a personal chef to cook you what you desire while you dine in the comfort and tranquillity of an Aman resort. There are many benefits of renting a villa in an Aman resort, besides the obvious luxurious villa and beautiful surroundings you have many amenities at hand such as five star restaurants, libraries filled with books on the surrounding area, spas for those who love to be pampered and tennis courts for those who want to practice their serve. All these and more are available when you rent a villa at an Aman resort.

Amanpuri is Aman Resorts flagship resort and every year there are millions of flights to Thailand. What is great about visiting this resort is that it doesn`t necessarily have to cost the earth. Flight deals to Thailand can be found online on a number of dedicated flight deals website. Cheapflights is just one of them that give you the lowest price for flights to Thailand as well as many other destinations. Make sure you check out their website when looking to book your holiday.

Many of those holidaymakers have rented a villa at Amanpuri. It’s the same in each of the countries where Aman resorts are found. In the United States, Aman Resorts have two resorts, Amangani, which is in the southern boundary of the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming and Amangiri in Canyon Point, Southern Utah. In Italy, their resort is Canal Grande and is in the heart of Venice. The Aman resort French retreat of Le Melezin is situated high in the French Alps and commands stunning views and is perfect for a skiing holiday.

India benefits from two wonderful Aman resorts where you can experience the mysterious subcontinent; Amanbagh is located close to Jaipur and has a private landing strip and heliport nearby for guests not wishing to make the long car transfer from New Delhi. The other resort, Aman-i-Khas, is located in the wilderness on the fringes of Ranthambore national park where guests can relax in one of the 10 air conditioned tents and take twice daily guided excursions into the park to view stunning wildlife such as tigers, leopards, sloth bears, crocodiles and chital deer.

These resorts were built with one directive in mind; intimate comfort and luxury and all the resorts follow this directive rigidly, ensuring that those who rent a villa at an Aman resort will be returning regularly.