First Class Perks on Airlines Transform the Travel Experience


I’ve always wondered how some coach seats on airlines are accepted as an acceptable and standard offering.

Businesses dump plenty of money and time into making their work stations ergonomically correct, yet then they ship off their employees on travel trips where they’re crammed into the tiniest, least ergonomically friendly cube in western civilization.

Seems weird to me.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, it underscores the importance of the airlines that do take that extra step to make travel feel luxurious. Not only is it enjoyable — yes, actually wonderful — to fly First Class on some of the top airlines, but it’s literally good for your health. You’re already dishing out a good sum for those tickets; it’s worth it to upgrade and enjoy the journey, as well as the destination.

Here are my two favorite airlines for luxurious travel perks:

1. Delta Airlines. I’m not just saying this because Delta’s hub is Atlanta, either. Here are three reasons why Delta is changing the face of travel — for all passengers:

  • I’m absolutely enamored with Delta’s new international terminal in Atlanta. Make sure you experience Delta’s Sky Club Lounge here, with a giant outdoor terrace with incredible runway views of the world’s busiest airport. Not to mention, Delta has the sweetest front desk staff I’ve ever encountered in an airport.
  • Once while I was stuck on a tarmac, Delta Airlines actually played a movie just for me and gave me some Haagen-Dazs ice cream (which we all know solves everything).
  • Delta is teaming up with Tumi and Malin + Goetz to begin offering First Class passengers an amenity kit, complete with hand and body lotion, lip moisturizer, an eye mask, socks, a shoe horn, shoe polish, a dental kit — the list goes on. It’s like a mini self-spa with high-quality brands delivered right to your lap.

2. Virgin Atlantic. I’m hoping to fly Virgin Atlantic’s “Upper Class” in London this September on my way to the ILTM Spa event. Here are three of Virgin Atlantic’s plethora of unbeatable options. They’ve thought of everything.

  • A personal chauffeur takes you to the clubhouse, which offers a spa! Get your hair cut and styled, get a facial or shave, a massage, a manicure — all featuring top brands, like Bumble and Bumble. Experience the “Revivals Lounge” in the clubhouse, where you can get a shower, complimentary breakfast, made to order. Staff will press your clothes and even repair them, if needed.
  • Aboard the plane, you sit on leather seats that can recline into a bed for sleeping. No more awkward attempts to sleep sitting up and waking up with your head on a stranger’s shoulder.
  • Virgin Atlantic also offers Upper Class members a stunning black cherry silk lined amenities kit. In addition to the essentials (socks, a dental kit, pen, etc.), the Economy kit features eye shades out of six different sunglasses designs. Collect all six when you fly.

2. Fly Emirtates – A friend of mine just got back from Dubai and she had photos no only of her luxury vacation, but her luxury flight as well. Her photos of her flight crew on Emirates was lovely. The ladies with their lovely hats and scarves looked more ready for the red carpet than to serve the passengers. They also had the most pleasant smiles. To fly Emirates is to truly experience hospitality per my pal.

  • Here is another airline that speaks to my spa travel gal heart. They have private suites on board with shower spas in first class. They say your comfort comes first and you believe it when on board one of their flights. So, how does a mid-flight shower sound?
    • Aboard first class you are also offered to stretch your legs a bit in our Onboards Lounge.  That is if you want to leave your flat bed seat.
    • While in first class your taste buds will be treated by five star delicacies and wines chosen by their sommeliers.

So if you are used to luxury travel, do you want to board a plane and feel like cattle or relax in solitude of the first class section?  A chauffeur, sommelier, spa showers and a lovely amenities kit is enough to make my decision!