Cruise Hot TubPlanning for a cruise ship holiday can take a fair amount of preparation beforehand, especially for long trips away or for first timers. Although some people may enjoy the diverse range of companionship found on a cruise, others will book in the hope of finding the perfect relaxation experience away from the crowds.

Finding peace and quiet on some cruise liners can be difficult; many passengers will be vying for space in the outdoor swimming pool or most desirable deck chair spot. On top of that, dozens of active on-board activities such as live entertainment or loud outdoor cinema movies could impair your vision of a peaceful getaway.

Cruise ships are big places however; there will always be somewhere to sit back and immerse yourself in luxurious relaxation away from the hustle and bustle. In this sense comparing the cruise offerings on a site such as Cruise1st is recommended to get an idea of a ship’s layout and the services they offer on board.

Here are 5 ways to relax on a cruise holiday:

cruise massageSpas – It will be rare to find a modern-day cruise liner without spa facilities included. Try out the range of massages, aromatherapy, facials, acupuncture and beauty treatments that may be on offer, for men as well as women. Look out for the private spa rooms and areas that can help you completely switch off.

Saunas – When coming to book a cruise holiday, look out for any extras that may be inclusive of the price. Free access to the ship’s saunas, steam room and Jacuzzi’s are often part of the deal. They present a place to unwind and simply enjoy the lack of responsibility on your shoulders over the course of your trip. Using health centres on some cruises will incur extra charges so remember to check individual deals beforehand.


Fitness Classes/Gyms – Some people find keeping fit as the perfect way to relax. Others may simply worry about diverging too much in the pleasures of a cruise holiday and putting on weight. Staying active in a fitness class, yoga tutorial or Zumba lesson can actually help you shed the pounds and loosen up. More active offerings such as rock climbing, basketball courts and martial arts classes can attract more dynamic holidaymakers.

Check the Itinerary – With many cruises offering a range of land excursions, one way to avoid the potential congestion is to simply stay on board whilst the majority of passengers have disembarked. This way, the activities and facilities on the cruise liner can be enjoyed with more freedom and individual space.

Plan Ahead – If you are looking to simply switch off completely when on board then planning your time on the cruise ship is suggested. For example, check for sanctuary-type rooms which offer more privacy than standard rooms might. Pack books, magazines, iPods and entertainment systems for that extra bit of seclusion also. In addition, be aware of the type of cruise being booked; some younger crowds can be too raucous for the quieter holidaymakers for instance.