frieda-shiny2Lately I have just not felt (well let’s say) shiny! I guess we all go through those days that we know we are just not… our best.  One reason I felt a little gray and mousey was because I needed a little color – hair color that is. My hairdresser just had her 3rd lovely daughter, so I was pretty late (extremely late) on getting my little touch-up.  So late that I needed more than a touch-up and a nip here and there.

When I left with my new darker hair-do-I felt SHINY again! Even my darker color seems to sparkle under the dark and stormy clouds the south has seen so much of this month. Darker color is the key to fading, since all hair colors will fade after a few weeks then get more comfortable in their color which is maintained at this shade for 2-6 weeks more. Yes my hairdresser can easily make me SHINE, but how can I maintain it?

So, what do I do? I race and make sure I have the items needed to maintain it! This time I felt that I needed the perfect tool to protect my hair both from heat and frizz. Lo and behold John Frieda sent me an email that answered my needs. They introduce me to their “salon SHINE” hair dryer that will help protect both me and my hair.  It is a product is called “salon SHINE” and it is so powerful and compact yet it protects my hair with their frizz-ease system with ease. I want to thank John Frieda personally for caring about my hair!

Here are the details:

Beat frizz this summer with John Frieda Tools by Conair’s innovative styling technology.  Each tool harnesses the power of superior ionic technology and advanced anti-frizz conditioning to ensure soft, frizz-free hair, no matter how you style it with an exclusive ceramic titanium coating for a more durable surface. Take a look at the one that is helping me care for my hair and shine:

John Frieda Styling Tools by Conair Salon Shine Dryer ($39.99): Achieve major, frizz-free shine with this compact, powerful dryer. A smaller, more travel-friendly version of the second generation dryer, the new Salon Shine Dryer delivers an astonishing 1875 watts of power using an advanced high torque DC motor. Engineered with a high voltage ionic generator to guarantee a smooth blowout and a ceramic titanium-coated grill for even heat distribution, it protects hair against damage and boosts body and shine. 

Do you feel SHINY today?