5x7pink_london_eye__largeWhen you travel to London you must stay for at least two weeks to really soak it up.  Single night hotels are not the best way to really embrace all that this city has to offer. London apartments for holiday travel and especially spa travel is a must. That way you can wonder and discover aimlessly or with purpose, but when you return everything feels almost like home since you have been able to settle in and truly relax.  You can refresh yourself today with this type of travel option.

London has thousands and thousands of places to explore and discover: dozens and dozens of museums, theatres, monuments, bars, clubs, sports centers, spas (of course) and more are there for your enjoyment. London is culture, entertainment, and diversity haven. A wonder of a city that welcomes a multitude of visitors each year and every year, which are eager to take in all it has to offer in all its glory. Make yourself at home in one of the fully furnished apartments in London and leave your worries behind.

Just think, real London apartments located in the city’s center is the most amazing way to see this amazing city among the most surreal and most central  hot locale areas. It has got to be one of the best and most interesting alternatives to see this wonderful jewel of a city. They are fully equipped. You will find them very near the main attractions such, and main shopping areas like my favorite place to shop Kings Road.  Where you will find a Molton Brown shop that will hold your shopping bags and greet you at the door with a flute glass of champagne. Harrods can’t top that! They are ideal for your week vacation or month long stay in the city.  An apartment London is really the only way to see the city!