Ford Fusion Hybrid A
Recently I was invited to an amazing Ford Fiesta event.  Afterwards I was invited to apply to be a Ford Fiesta Agent. Now with a calendar already overbooked, I was not quite ready to commit to a long term mission, but was when offered the option for a shorter mission as a Ford Agent I jumped at it! How excited would you be if this Ford Car arrived in your driveway to spend some quality time with you?!
Spa Travel in a Ford Fusion Hybrid was my mission! Duh! Not a hard mission to accept for this spa gal. So I was off to Greensboro, GA and The Spa at The Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation.  I would like to go ahead now and thank Ford for this FAB opportunity. Well soon my Ford Fusion Hybrid arrived and I was amazed! After a week full of exciting discoveries while having a great time driving “My” Ford Fusion Hybrid, I thought that the best way to tell you what I loved about the car would be to tell you about a 10 remarkable moments I had while driving the Ford Fusion Hybrid.
1.    While idling, I looked at the touch screen and found that the car does not use gas when you idle in traffic. You can be certain by the cool touch screen that tells you when whether you are using the awesome battery or fuel by a color coded image of the car!
2.     One day I wanted a Diet Sundrop and when I pulled into the a Quick Trip I did not have to park at the pump.  I don’t think I have ever stopped at a gas station and not needed to pump gas ever!
3.    My spa travel to The Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation was made even sweeter by having my own tunes wherever I traveled.  Sirius Radio made sure there was always tunes for me to jam to on the ride.  It even lets you customize “Your Own Station”! Check out this YouTube video of me arriving in style in a Ford Fusion Hybrid.
4.    While I have never been a fan of Cruise Control in the past, the effortless Adaptive Cruise Control in the Ford Fusion Hybrid was my friend while I was traveling to my spa vacation. It was so smooth and never had the hesitation or rev like most other cars.  I wish all cruise controls worked that smoothly!
5.    Because of the Entertainment Screen on the dash, I now know who sings all songs immediately (not after they have been out forever). See here for photos where I found out who sings the song RIGHT NOW – right now (as in immediately) while you are in the car.
6.    This should be the last thing that I tell you, but I just can’t wait! My Ford Fusion Hybrid thanked me each time I drove it.  YES it Thanked Me after every drive personally!
7.    I will make this short and sweet – did you get over 40 MPG on your way home from work every day last week?  I did! Green Travel for my Spa Travel is very comforting.
8.    I am pretty particular about how my car seat feels – I did not have any back issues at all while driving the Ford Fusion Hybird.  The seats are the most comfy I have ever driven for any amount of time! Boy do I miss those seats!
9.    I got a lots of drools from others while driving the car, but one lady actually walked up to me with her mouth dropped wide open and she was speechless.  She was parked beside me on an errand to PetSmart and had one of the very first Ford Fusions Cars. She looked on with both love and lust as she inquired about the new one before her!
10. How many can I squeeze in the 10th – keyless entry, MyKey, rear view backing system, great gripping cup holders, pull-drift compensation, Active Park Assist, rear camera, lane-keeping system, driver alert system. All of the Fusion Driver Assist Technology must make this the most innovative car on the market. The MOST REMARKABLE MOMENT – I never even looked for the fuel tank the entire week even after a trip out of town. I then started looking for it right before they came to pick it up and found it had a “touch” entry on the fuel tank lid!
Ford Fusion Arrival
Next time I will have to clear my calendar when an opportunity to become a Ford Agent comes around again.  It was such a sweet ride in the most innovative vehicle that I have ever experienced. Thanks to the Ford Southeast team for allowing me such a REMARKable experience in a Ford Fusion Hybrid!

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