FAV135-2TAll the mailboxes of my life seem to be overflowing lately whether they are the digital kind or the physical kind. Daily packages arrive in my physical mailbox, so often the kids don’t even get excited any more when the UPS or FedEx guys arrives.  I am thinking they don’t even have to put me in GPS any more.

Is your life kind of on an information overload lately?  With Back to School breathing down moms necks right now, we could all use a little pampering. OR you may say forget the pampering just give me RESULTS!

So I have come up with you a list of the most Results Oriented Beauty Products that I have come across this summer.

Check them out and maybe next #SkincareSunday you can give us a report on your results too!

Spa Travel Gal’s Top Products for Results


  • Dr. Spiller’s AHA Ginkgosomen Gel – This organic gel is from the Barvarian Alps. I have found on my travels that other countries are usually ahead of us on skincare ingredients, so this product was of much interest to me.  The AHA formulation is a gentle exfoliator so effective in ridding your face of any old skin hanging around. Not a pleasant thought, but we all have it.  Check them out here to see all of the products that Dr. Spiller offers. I also love their Q10 Sauerstoff Complex Light Cream.
  • Hevia Night Repair Treatment Cream – The packaging of this cream is so innovative. So many times, products give you too little information on the packaging, but Hevia even takes this to the next level by placing even more about their product and how to use in inside the package. It evens opens up so you can read it or tuck it away for future reference.  Their night cream is the perfect balance for me for the evening.  Night products are extremely important. Our bodies repair themselves at night.  Check out all their Hevia products here. This is one product that will stay in my nighttime skincare routine. I look forward to experiencing more of their product line, since my skin loves marine based products.  Yours may too!
  • Phytoceane – My go to eye cream all summer has been Phytoceane.  Why do I love it? For the results of course, but also because I can slather it on and never worry about it irritating my eyes or contacts.  This innovative anti-aging eye cream uses sustainable blue micro-algae to smooth skin and fade dark circles. It is good for both AM and PM, which is so beneficial.  You don’t have to carry two with you when traveling!
  • DW Skin Care – For those days that I feel all dried out, I go to the top choice of spa gals that are married to plastic surgeons themselves, DW Skin Care. This premium product is for anyone that wants the skin they were born with back. It has a cooling sensation and hydrates with results but still fills light.  This is one of the most refreshing skincare products that has ever touched my face.
  • Eclos Daily HydraPrimer SPF 30 – This is my fav product for wearing at the lake this year.  It is a serum, SPF, and tinted moisturizer all in one. The Apple Stem Cell Technology is the key. With its tint of color you feel like you have makeup on but you do NOT! Take their 2-week “Dare to Go Bare” #daretogobare challenge as I did and give your skin a break from pore clogging products. Freeman Beauty has many new products out in this line of items that you are sure to love too!
  • IT Cosmetics YLBB Waterproof Lip Liner Stain – This is an awesome product. The color Nude Tan/Rich suites most everyone with any skin type or shade. Bonuses  –  paraben free, no animal testing and waterproof! What more could you ask for in a product that gives staying power? More of this line of products have helped me stay ready at a moments notice this summer, especially their foundation compact powders!