A travel company based in Lima, Peru has taken the unusual step of connecting with their guests while traveling through the country to film them while they talk about their experiences. The company, Peru For Less, started interviewing their clients in March this year and so far has recorded over 200 people talking about their trips and their experiences with the company and their guides.

Three short videos have been produced so far, of which this is the first:

This seems like such a fun way for an online travel company to connect with their travelers during their trip. These days with most travel experiences booked online it’s not often that travelers get to enjoy direct personal contact with the people that arranged their trip. This is to be expected when booking a trip from one of the big online travel agents but in the case of smaller, independent agencies and tour operators there are always real people behind the scenes with the passion and expertise to make these travel experiences a reality. This idea, although clearly promotional, is a nice way of putting some of the human face back into the travel experience and the relationship between traveler and travel agent. The human touch is always a good thing!

The recordings were all made in the city of Cusco, the old capital of the Inca Empire and the gateway to Machu Picchu. Most interviews were conducted after the guests had returned to the city following their tours to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, which is usually the highlight for any visit to the country and entire continent. Each interview is only around 30 seconds long and is based on the simple question: “What would you say if a friend asked you about this trip?”