USA Holidday North AmericaTime to set the DVR if you ever might like to take a USA Holiday! The Discovery Channel is pulling at our heart strings with the commercial for a new 7 part series called North America. The Discovery Channel is not a travel channel, but this show literally is a trailer for all of North American travel. I just bet after watching this series a USA Holiday is in your future.

I was lucky enough to be allowed a sneak preview this week and I have a major reflection. After watching this it may just make you want to jump in your RV (or private jet j) or hurry online to book some tours with Trailfinders. After watching this you will wonder how anyone can be a couch potato when so much is out there so close to be explored. The reason I would like to use Trailfinders is that they really know North America. They have been helping people with USA holidays since 1977 – or as they say since the first jumbos were flown!

Well after watching the state of the art camera angles of everything from polar bears in natural settings to the Belize’s lush forests in this series if will be hard not to take a few USA Holidays. You may or may not need a visa depending on your citizenship. Americans don’t! US ESTA is a fine resource to consult if you do. After the preview I was almost ready to go out myself and get an RV, but somehow that urge passed rather quickly. RV’s do not come with luxury spas!

I would rather use a tour company like Trailfinders, so they can worry about all the little details.  They have been doing it so long that they know everything about USA Holiday. They have so many offerings. Some trips you can leave the driving to them or they can help you book the perfect driving vacation too. With there choice of so many tours, hotels, flights and more, they make the perfect choice to make your vacations just for you. They are experts at planning a personalized trip for a dream vacation experience!

The two sponsors that I have seen so far are Little Debbie (which is offering a travel contest and an amazing book about the series) and Jeep. Now I might could handle a Jeep!  Also, The Discovery Channel will also be offering many U.S. schools special lesson plans to go along with special screenings. We can hope that this helps develop many young people into animal lovers by seeing the struggles that they endure, which is a major part of the series.  Afraid it will make me want to take several Trailfinder trips and that will be an amazing way to view North America with all their expert advice and tips!