577652_530819546956597_1358520089_nAs Mother’s Day fast approaches, I thought what do Moms want? Me, this year all I want is a clean house and of course anything related to travel. Others may dream of exotic luxury vacations or of course a trip to the spa. Today, I wanted to share with you a few things that I already have that I thought you would enjoy. These are some great Mother’s Day Picks or Picks just to purchase for yourself anytime.

Mother’s Day Picks to Make Any Mom Happy


1.  Who can’t use a good hair day. I have found that trying a new shampoo may be just what you need. This week I am using Bio Follicle’s Aromatherapy Shampoo and Condition in LemonGrass and Sage.  It is sulfate free, cruelty free and vegan, which means you will both love it and feel good about using it.  Be sure to check out my tips for switching to organic products.

tn_TDW21002. Ok now whether you know one personally or you have seen them on TV, we all know that Doctor’s Wives must have a secret because they all look so great all of the time. Recently one of their secrets “The Doctor’s Wife Skin Care” products arrived on my doorstep and I am so excited to be able to give it a try.  So far my favorite has been the lovely Microfoliator Menthe Blanche. It has two of my all time faved items as ingredients – Glycolic Acid and Peppermint Oil. Of course the later is what I usually make mints with but it still makes the product smell great.  They don’t advertise it as aromatherapy, but the scent has just that effect on me.  Check out other products by The Doctor’s Wife too. I am told that their products are the best way to look like a plastic surgeon’s wife, without going under the knife!

chicken-italian-romano-full__18931.1340312198.700.7003. Snack Time – Moms worry a lot about what their kids eat, but they should also worry about what they eat. Many Moms are look for low carb alternatives, so Simply Snackin have provided them with a savory high protein snack that is good anywhere anytime. As an all natural only 60 calorie high protein snack, they make a wonderful option to give Mom’s both the energy and nutrition they need to keep up with their crazy schedules.


4. What would Mother’s Day be like without a SpaWeek Gift Card?!?! May flowers are starting to bloom and that can only mean one thing: every husband, brother, sister, child and grandchild is on the hunt for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Spa Week is encouraging gift givers to be the caretakers for a change by affordably sending their moms for a spa experience geared towards optimal health and wellness. From May 1st through May 13th, purchase a $100 Spa & Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week® for just $79.99, or receive 20% off all other denominations on SpaWeek.com.

40188-2T5. For the true spa gal Mom, my next pick is just for you. To celebrate mothers and daughters, NuFACE is offering the Treat Your Mom Bundle for the month of May. The bond between mothers and daughters is a special one, and as a company founded and run by Carol Cole and her two daughters, nobody knows this better than NuFACE.


6. For those Moms on the go (aren’t they all?*?*), how about a new bag that is the most versatile bag I have ever carried. It has taken me to from the Caribbean to Quebec and to a few spas in between. Most of you have heard me call my Lo & Sons The O.G. bag my SpaBag, but it has been so much more for me. I have used it as a carry on, A day bag to visit Station Blu in Quebec, a brief for work to carry my laptop and/or iPad and also as a gym bag. The little compartment at the bottom to stow away your shoes is both remarkable and innovative. The color goes well with most anything and it also fits right on your roller luggage handle if need be. Traveling with my Lo & Sons bag has made me a big fan of them and now I really want to try out is their camera bag for my new big daddy camera. With Lo & Sons, I can feel like I am traveling with a steamer trunk, but still look sleek, contemporary and stylish!

The Lo and Son’s “The O.G.” bag is my NUMBER ONE PICK for a best bet Mother’s Day gift this year! Check out this link to see it at the Mandarin Oriental in Atlanta serving me very well as a SpaBag for the day!

What do you want for Mother’s Day? Let us all know below!