Okay believe it or not this spa gal gets so many questions each day and many do not have anything to do with spas! Hard to believe, but I get questions and blog visits daily about general travel tips form many that have seen my interviews on a few major travel and news websites. Thus, as the questions arrive I will be giving out deals and tips sometimes not related to spas.  Pardon, but it does take a little travel planning to get to those amazing spa travel destinations.

3202868618u_1x424x360f_2013_ford_mustangWith so many of us moms having kids that are starting to drive, the time will come (it did for me) that a need will arrive while on holiday to rent a car. When they ask you who the drivers will be you will want to add your kids.  Yes they are still your kids from age 0- ?. Well that day they ask me that question and I told them to add my son – then they told me the fee will be $$$. Well that kid did not get to drive the rental car that week for sure. Here is a company that allows your kids 20 and over to drive without a fee. (Be sure not to let them pick the car or you can be sure to find that they have reserved  a  Ford Mustang Convertible BUT really isn’t that your choice too!) This care rental company is new to me, but thought you might like to check them out since they are family travel friendly.  Question: Have you ever let your kids drive a rental car? Leave a comment below!

Car rentals and traveling in general always seems to be more expensive than it should be. Every person that travels regularly is always tied to some frequent flyer program or membership program. Why can’t we get the lowest price just by asking for it? Check out Miles Car Rental New York next time you are in the region. They really do have something to brag about.

Miles Car Rental is some kind of company or service that offers car rentals from what appears to be Alamo and Hertz car rental locations. It is a puzzle as to who they really are, a club or an actual rental company. They claim all kinds of things. It looks like spring break trips to South Beach and Miami are going to be easier because they wave the extra fee for young people ages 20-24, and they guarantee that they will give you the lowest price on any rental.

Miles Rental Car New York also has the same cool deals. You can lose the public transportation and really get where you want to go while sightseeing in New York. Since they guarantee that the price you pay on your rental is the lowest price, your freedom might just be worth it. Contact them (www.milescarrentalmiami.com) for more information and even more savings, like save an additional 25% off your rental in the United States from Latin America.