Amsterdam Spas

For different people, the ‘Amsterdam experience’ will mean different things. For many, when they think of Amsterdam they will instantly see images of the colourful tulips, stunning canals, the locals all on their bikes and the infamous wooden clogs. Amsterdam is a perfect European destination for a weekend away – this cultural and historical metropolis has something for everyone. With it countless museums and galleries, stunning architecture and parks, there is so much to explore.

A luxurious offer

Amsterdam is more than just a bustling city destination. There are also a lot of different things to do for people who come to Amsterdam looking to get away from it all and find some well-deserved rest or simply to enjoy an exquisite holiday in the Netherlands. For the planning of a holiday, try taking a look at the top 10 sights in Amsterdam or places related to health and beauty. There is a rich abundance of ways to enjoy the city, which can be listed in few main categories:

–        Museums: to understand what Amsterdam is all about, visiting the diverse range of museums is a good way to start the experience. From the National Historical Museum (the ‘Rijksmuseum’) to the house of Anne Frank, every piece of Dutch history is documented and on display in the various museums.

–        Wellbeing:  Amsterdam can certainly rival itself against the best destinations for spas. If you plan on staying a weekend or longer in Amsterdam, you’ll often find that there are many luxurious hotels combined with different wellbeing facilities along with Amsterdam spas.

–        Eating & drinking:  in Amsterdam there are many possibilities for eating and drinking on a ‘haute cuisine’ level. The Dutch hospitality comes with fine dining and a good knowledge of the customers’ needs. Also, be sure to check out the Heineken Experience, giving you an insight into the rise of the number one beer brand worldwide.

Endless possibilities

For every need, Amsterdam has something to offer. Whether it is to enjoy a relaxing day at the spa, taking your time to enjoy a quiet trip through the scenic canals or going shopping in the large malls the city centre has to offer, there is always something to do to help relax and unwind. Regardless of whether you’re visiting for the weekend or staying for a longer period of time, you will no doubt end up falling in love with Amsterdam as a city.