Hyatt KenetMDFirst of all I want to thank Hyatt for sending me their wonderful new bath amenities that I am about to use tonight for my Skincare Sunday #skincaresunday bath routine. They look amazing and I am so excited to try them, since I have never used KenetMD products. As I was about to grab the amenity bag and head to the tub, I started reviewing some of the additional information concerning travel tips they sent me. I had to stop and sit down.  I had no idea. It had never crossed my path. I feel guilty for not knowing this about Hyatt, especially since I do read USA Today’s Travel section by Barbara De Lollis almost daily.

What has me floored? The fact that that Hyatt has thoroughly research what women want from hotels, right down to what they might want on a late night menu (i.e. broiled fish and steamed broccoli).

When you travel do you take your own skincare products? I do and that is almost always the reason that I check my luggage. What if you already knew that the products in your hotel room would be of the quality that you are accustomed to using at home? It may make you a carry-on gal real quick.

Hyatt’s research shows that most female travelers do pack their facial soap, but just use the shampoo in their hotel rooms. This caused Hyatt to rethink their bath amenities. Drumroll please…… Hyatt is doing away with their generic toiletry line Portico and replacing it with very respected products from those like KenetMK Skin Care, Le Labo, June Jacobs and Aromapothercary.

Another amazing discovery of mine was the wealth of information that Hyatt has put together to make sure we stay happy and healthy while we travel.  Take a look at these Travel Tips from Hyatt.