My Kitsch 1Don’t tell my BFF’s, but I have a new Best Friend. It is My Kitsch! Shhh…. sometimes I don’t want anyone to realize I have My Kitsch with me, since it may not match my outfit, but my mood instead! You can spot me with My Kitsch now almost daily. Once you’ve partnered up with your own My Kitsch you will not leave your new friend behind. It is going to be an amazing summer with my new BFF and we have many spa travel road trips planned.

Wiki says the word Kitsch from the German language is a style of mass-produced art or design using cultural icons.  The term is generally reserved for works that are calculated to have popular appeal. The concept of kitsch is applied to artwork that was a response to the 19th century art, kitsch art is closely associated with sentimental art.

To find about more about possibly pairing up with your own new BFF, visit their remarkable blog.

A little about My Kitsch from their About Us:

My KitschKitsch’s humble beginnings started with a young girl from Wisconsin named Cassandra who loved all things that sparkle and shine.  As a child, she would sneak away with her father’s dentistry tools and use them along with any scraps she could find around the house to create all sorts of awesome accessories and jewelry for her family and friends.  Cassandra attended College at The University of Minnesota and FIDM’s graduate program for design.  With any free time and money she could scrape together, Cassandra took her journey abroad, travelling the globe in search of unique designs, enveloping herself in ancient art and cultures. It is through her collective experience and love of design and fashion that she started Kitsch out of her tiny apartment.  In just a few short years, Kitsch has ballooned to becoming a leading accessories manufacturer with products including, hair ties, headbands, charmy rings, cute necklaces, funky earrings and other cute accessories.  Today, Kitsch products can be found in over 3,000 locations worldwide and are available in large retailers such as Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Free People, Kiston, Urban Outfitters, Francesca’s and more.  Kitsch produces timeless accessories with vibrant colors and unique textures that can match any occasion.  Wear our pieces alone or stack, layer and collect.  Great as a gift for the friend you love.  You can never have enough Kitsch in your life.