Just the other day I was chatting with a dear friend of mine, who had some unsightly news for me. She was going into have a very massive and big surgery and the outcome (The Big C) was unknown. As we chatted it became true that we needed to make a plan. A BIG Plan to give both of us something to look forward to. This would make the surgery just a step to get us closer to our vacation apartment in Florence.

florenceYes, I said it – vacation apartment in Florence. We have weaved chat into our talks for many years about traveling to Florence, Italy, so why not do it right? Florence is so lovey and deserves more time than a tour company or week can do justice. We decided to start looking for vacation apartments in Florence that very day.

Here is how we envisioned our future holiday. Since you know that Florence has tens of thousands nooks and crannies to explore. Florence is a mecca for culture, entertainment and more. This city welcomes a multitude of tourists each year, but never gets tired of them. Everyone should be eager to take in all that it has to offer. This means you will truly need an apartment in Florence all your own. Don’t rush while there – make yourself a home in of the remarkable fully furnished apartments in Florence that my pals and I saw online. You will not be let down with what you find there. Take the next step as we are about to soon.

Who’s with us?