Everyone can begin yoga at any stage in their life and reap the benefits from a yoga retreat.  Yoga increases strength, flexibility, blood pressure, and the ability to just relax. There are almost as many types of yoga as there are coffee drinks.  So put down that cup of joe and try one of these unique yoga retreats destined to refresh your life!

Beach Yoga

IMG_0383The benefits from a yoga retreat are increased if you perform it on or near the beach.  The sandy uneven ground strengthens the secondary muscles like the feet, hips, knees and shoulders. Also what better way to relax than to the sounds of the ocean instead of a soundtrack.  Breathing in clean crisp sea air supplies a steady supply of oxygen. Beachside yoga is available with the very balanced yoga instructor, MACKELL, Head Yoga Instructor at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort where the breeze helps put you in the Zen mood!

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Laughter Yoga

525331_10151436074213819_1725346360_nThe CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta & Spa focuses on giving their guests the opportunity to learn about their own health in a wonderful environment while on vacation. The resort features a number of yoga classes including Laughter Yoga. Laughter Yoga stresses how laughing can actually be an exercise. Those bursts of laughter are combined with traditional style yoga breathing.  The class eventually turns into real-life laughing and a fun time is had by all.

Yamuna Body Rolling Yoga

Yamuna Body Rolling YogaOne of the innovative forms of yoga is Yamuna Body Rolling Yoga. Utilizing Yamuna balls of different sizes, your body learns new ways to stretch thus opening up your body to new ways to learn to strengthen itself without the use of bone crushing weights. At Moab Yoga in Moah, Utah, they offer this type of yoga and many more. The Yumana belief is that everyone should be able to achieve their personal best at every age and this type of yoga gives you the ability to “work on yourself” anytime or anywhere.


sup yoga paddle yogaThey do paddleboard yoga like nowhere else in the Florida Keys. Experience yoga there with your paddleboard, the sunset, and your dog! Those at Lazy Dog love the outdoors. Along with that and the philosophy that success is only measured by the amount of fun one is achieving grew their PaddleYoga lessons. They can be done with or without a pup. What better way to downward dog than with your own pooch and a Key West sunset!

Yoga Golf

Pelican Hill Marie Friedlander yoga instructorProbably one of the most personalized yoga style classes taught today is at the Pelican Hill Golf Academy.  Those who participate in their Yoga Golf classes hope to achieve improved flexibility, stronger muscles and stabilization of the mind. All of these are said to enhance the game of golf. Unique to their Yoga Golf class is the instructor himself.  Glenn Deck is not only the Director of Golf Instruction, he is also a certified yoga instructor. During the class a series of movements with and without golf clubs is completed. Within this time each student’s golf swing is videotaped and analyzed on-the-spot, so the yoga instructor can focus on your additional needs in the areas of motion, balance, flexibility and rotation. All of these techniques come together for an improved game of golf.

Cowgirl Yoga

Cowgirl YogaIf you can imagine yourself in a place of natural beauty, which inspires much needed peace away from your everyday fast paced life, you have imagined Big Sky Yoga Retreats in Montana. Now combine that with a woman’s love of horseback riding and you have Cowgirl Yoga. They promise yoga, horses and the time to kick up your heels in the local town where cowgirls rule during their 3 day retreats. Also improved with Cowgirl Yoga are your saddle skills. Whether you are a cowgirl or wanna-be cowgirl you can join them under Montana’s legendary Big Sky!


Can yoga solve the world’s problems?  Some say yes, but something for certain is that it enlightens and brightens ones life! Yoga is a quick way to ease aches and pains, but also a perfect part of a fit lifestyle. Yoga acts as a reset for whatever holds you back from being your own remarkable fabulous self.