fruitandskinBeing the foundation of beauty as well as being the body’s largest organ, perfect skin is a goal many strive to achieve. Sometimes it is not easy to keep it pure, soft and healthy but there are three factors that help to maintain naturally beautiful and healthy skin: Nutrition, physical activity and skin care products. None of these can be regarded as more important than others as a holistic approach is usually needed with skincare. Below is a more detailed insight to the importance of these individual factors.

Nutrition: You can lather food like avocado on your face but a healthy and well-balanced diet is the best way for the body – and therefore the skin – to effectively absorb the rich nutrition it needs. We have always been told from health specialists to beauty magazines that a bad diet lifestyle habits like smoking, can lead to problems like impureness of the skin and other cosmetic issues with hair and nails. Vitamins, carbohydrates, protein, fibers and iron among others are all vital for one’s physical and mental well-being.

Physical activity: Keeping the body good condition doesn’t just alter one’s appearance but also maintains body fitness. Exercise can lift endorphins and maintain the body’s capable of handling physical and mental pressure. Again, when looking holistically, getting the body moving as well as the endorphins it creates has a positive effect on all your vital organs, like your skin.

Skin care products: Last but not least skin care products are worth a mention. They supply the skin with ingredients that can’t be absorbed through food that healthy skin needs. Schrammek’s popular products for instance, do not only have caring properties but also include a toning fluid. Skin care and make-up are combined in one product which is not only healthy for the skin but also provides subtle and flawless skin coverage. Reddened areas and shiny skin can easily be covered with those products, making the skin appear naturally beautiful.

Making sure that skin and make-up products act like miracle ‘magic wands’ to conceal minor imperfections instead of fixing all your cures is important as it reminds you that other environmental factors need to be taken into consideration when looking after your healthy skin.