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Spa Travel Gal’s pick: The Best Spa Travel Deals for March

We recently got up close and personal with Ava Roxanne Stritt, the most influential blogger in the spa travel industry. Stritt runs the Spa Travel Gal website, which features deals, inside information and tips on planning a spa vacation

Here is part 2 of our interview, featuring the best way to save money on spa travel and the Spa Travel Gal’s favorite spa travel deal for March.

Q: What is the best way to save money in spa travel?

A: You need to find somewhere before everyone else has gone. And you want a true destination spa. Look for the places before anyone else goes there, before it’s the place to go to. Don’t be afraid to expand our horizons.

At the Westin in Panama, when they’re running a special, you can get three treatments a day — three of the best treatments you could imagine — for the price of one in the US. Plus, it’s a wonderful place to take your significant other or someone who likes the Panama Canal. From your balcony, the ships line up 24 hours ahead of time, before they can go through the canal. The hotel has “renewal suites” at very reasonable prices, and it’s a great place to stay.

Then, always try at least once during your stay to get a driver to bring you on a tour of the city. Ask him a lot of questions. They know everything, probably more than your concierge. They’ll give you the real places to go eat.

Q: What is your current favorite deal?

A: The Bonita Boot Camp at the Westin Playa Bonita in Panama.

“You may say that this does not look like your ordinary boot camp, and you are right,” she writes on her website.

This “camp” includes a personal fitness concierge, daily yoga, a kayak tour, spa treatment and a tour of the property’s organic garden.

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