Blue Harmony LoungeWhen one visits Orlando their first thought is not necessarily harmony or seclusion.  Orlando brings thoughts of theme parks, Disney Princesses, and for certain crowds, but how about a spa in Orlando. When one visits the Blue Harmony Spa in Orlando at the Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek the words crowd, lines or fast passes of any type are not part of the vocabulary. After visiting what your children may deem as the most magical place in the world, reserve time for yourself at the Blue Harmony Spa in Orlando. It will become a place where your own wishes and dreams of solitude may just come true!

The Blue Harmony Spa is tucked away within the Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek, which itself is tucked away within the Disney World area. Upon entering the resort, one immediately notices the feeling of grandeur. The art is the size one would expect at the Downton Abby estate and the furnishings lush. The lobby alone can set a lovely tone of Zen and if that does not do it for you the sighting of an actual Starbucks may just do the trick. Immediately it WILL make you rethink the need of Hidden Mickey’s in your room’s carpet. If the rooms reflect the lobby then this may just be the happiest place on earth for moms or anyone for that fact searching for a luxury spa resort escape.

Recently Wyndham Worldwide’s Women on their Way publication featured a quote from Spa Travel Gal Ava Roxanne Stritt and her Tips for Single Travelers thus making it a very versatile resort for all.

Blue Harmony Ava“Just say OM 
”Spas are great for the single traveler,” says Spa Week contributor Ava Roxanne Stritt (@SpaTravelGal), who just returned from Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek. “There are no big groups of people laughing and making you feel like you are on the outside of a window looking in at a party you are not invited to.” She adds that spa attendants, like Olga, Vicki and Piper at The Blue Harmony Spa, are great at reading how much attention one really wants on their spa day. “Spend your alone traveling chatting with the concierges of a resort or the spa attendants to find out what they recommend for your next day on your travels,” says Stritt.”

Once you enter the spa one is greeted as a long lost friend. This is exactly what one is looking for when visiting a spa resort if they are a single traveler, tired mom or business traveler. Spa visits are for refreshing oneself from everything in the outside world. They are escapes and the Blue Harmony Spa is perfect for escaping. It is very conveniently located to anywhere in the Orlando world area, so perfect for those even staying elsewhere. What can one expect there? A top of the line luxury spa with amenities, spa treatments and seclusion for your spa day, which will leave your totally in a state of Zen.

This spa in Orlando wishes you to surrender to the power of blue, since blue is the color of calm, depth, knowledge, stability and integrity. It also represents healing, purity, health, fluidity, and tranquility. Each treatment on their extensive spa menu is designed to remind guests of the nourishment provided by the great blues of the world, water and skies.

XMF-PIONNIERE-1This writer recommends a spa treatment named the Signature Blue Purity Facial, which can be customized to your needs. The products used during the Spa Treatments are from one of the most well respected product lines in the industry worldwide, Phytomer. Phytomer’s ingredients come from the blue of the ocean’s waters. Be sure to ask the spa attendant their recommendations for your skin type and take home Phytomer products to enhance your spa day after the fact. Forget the Botox and leave with Phytomer’s Pionniere SMF Perfection Youth Cream in your luggage. Then you can relive your Blue Harmony spa day in Orlando in the comfort of your own home after you return.

Blue Harmony Spa WaterFor those who wish to spend the day secluded or for those with some friends, the Blue Harmony Spa offers REMARKable amenities. There is a couple suite with side by side soaking tubs that would be the envy of any Spa Lover or HGTV fan. Spa Travel Gal has been quoted saying she would like to get lost like Alice in the lovely white furnishings of the spa lounge which has amazing blueberry and white tea spa water from Pure Inventions. For all those lovely warms days in Orlando it also offers an outdoor spa garden, a private outdoor hot tub enclosed in a private area for spa customers only.  Relax here for as long as you like on your spa day in this oasis of calm and tranquility. Yes you can feel secluded and relaxed in Orlando when your discover the Blue Harmony Spa.

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Spa Travel Gal’s Insider Tip for the Blue Harmony Spa in Orlando: Don’t leave without spending some quality time in the Experience Shower!

This article was originally written by Ava Roxanne Stritt for Working Mother Magazine.