krill-oil-prostate-supplement-380x252Now I knew that we should take fish oil supplements, but I did not know about krill oil. Now wait – yes I had heard of it, but I just thought about it like buying designer jeans instead of Levi’s. Well there is more to it than that! First let’s look at the basics behind a fish oil supplement then just wait – you will not believe what krill oil adds to the table!

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Clinical data has shown Krill Oil seems to possess numerous benefits and has the ability to: protect your heart, lower your cholesterol, fight PMS symptoms, combat inflammation,optimize your brain’s capabilities, fight aging AND boost your overall health and wellbeing!

These days we’re all well aware of the importance of including Omega 3 fatty acids into our diets. Everest Nutrition Krill Oil is a fantastic source of Omega 3s, especially EPA and DHA benefits, the two essential fatty acids the body needs to maintain excellent health.

Everest Nutrition Krill Oil goes above and beyond what you would find in any Omega 3 supplement — even when put up against the highest grade fish oil supplement!

Our Krill Oil contains a rich supply of astaxanthin, a red pigment found in aquatic livestock such as krill, shrimp, lobster, mussel, crab and other seafood sources. Astaxanthin is known as a very powerful anti oxidant which can help rid the body of free radicals that contribute to various diseases and illnesses. Astaxanthin is also known for its anti-aging capabilities.

Even better. krill oil’s Omega 3 structure is linked together in a different form compared to fish oil. The essential fatty acids in fish oil are made up in triglyceride form, whereas krill oil is linked together in phospholipid form – the same structure as the fat cells in the human body! This makes absorption of Omega 3s faster and easier.

There are countless reasons why Everest Nutrition Krill Oil should be included as part of your daily regimen. Here are seven powerful Krill Oil benefits for your health at Everest Nutrition Krill Oil.

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