Have you ever thought to yourself “I need a massage!”? I bet at some point in your life you have said this to yourself . Some probably have these thoughts on the way home from work daily! Yes there are those of us that know all of the benefits of a massage, but also there are those that do not. These people probably never act on their thoughts and have never had that first massage. A horrid thought isn’t it?

Recently Massage Envy ask me to stop by for a massage. The first thing I thought about was how convenient their location was to my home and probably yours too. There was no special planning required other than a phone call not did it require a lot of time away from the home or kids. It was as easy as running a quick errand on the way home from work, BUT way better!

Also during my experience at Massage Envy, I discovered how well they walk you through each step from checkin to the actual massage, so there could be absolutely no doubt or question left in your mind as to what to expect. Then the big light came on over my head! This is not only the most convenient massage I had ever had, it was also perfect for those seeking their first massage. A first massage at Massage Envy takes all the guess work out from what to tell your therapist right down to that big first time question what to wear! They even have a location on their website entitled “First Massage at Massage Envy“.

So how was my experience? Divine!

Will I return? Definitely!

What type of massage will I have next? A Signature Hot Stone Envy

This is now a personal challenge I have for each and every one of you! Go Get a Massage at Massage Envy!!!

There are many reasons to visit Massage Envy and one really great one is their introductory price of $49 for a One Hour Massage. Another is their recent addition of facials featuring Murad products. My local Massage Envy is just about to add facials and I am very excited. Isn’t it great that getting a massage or facial is as easy of running to the store for milk? Thank you Massage Envy for being YOU!